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Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Somebody who lives behind lies forgets who they really are...~

"You're Uruha, the Rhythem Guitarist! Just like Uruha, you are very attractive, and you turn heads where ever you go. you always try to look your best, and are very confident. you instantly draw attention, without effort, and are very good at playing dumb/clueless.

You are quite smart, but you often cover that up, with the way you behave. you often act as though you are untouchable, and are very good at putting a brave face on things. you try hard to keep your head up high, and remain proud, through it all.
Although having a certain amount of pride is good, sometimes you can be proud to the point of arrogance, and too sure in your abillities. you're sometimes quite vain, and the way you look plays a big part of your life. you are secretly unsure of yourself, and have a tendancy to hide behind fake smiles, and false laughs.

Somebody who lives behind lies forgets who they really are, Uruha. try to be the real you, more often!"

Verdammt passend...

That´s all

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