in the middle of chaos

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

the Story †

This is a little story,
I want to tell~
It was a young girl and she was very smart.
She had also a lot of friends
But one day she ran away…

Many of tears fell on her hands,
The knife wasn´t far away so she took the chance…

Red blood was in the whole room…
Her life shouldn´t change any more
No one saw her pain,
Nobody heard her voice…

So the little, smart girl,
Died alone in the dark room
The white rose in her room (-present of a good friend…just a "friend"..)
It became red like the blood on her hands
She died alone just the red rose of death knows the truth…
And that was the story of the sweet little girl…

Everyone loved her…but she died alone

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