in the middle of chaos

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011


someday...I found a big spider on the wall and ran to my mum! Dx

It was ieeeeeeh!! V_v
my mother just laughed..."I will show you a BIG spider"
*heartbeat* o_,o

I followed her to the bathroom and I saw something really big!! Such an ugly spider! I had never seen such a big spider before! 
My mother made a photo...I just ran away and screamed...¦'D
<°Δ°> <--my face

I was so scared! I hate spiders!! hate, hate, hate!
Just take a look! So ugly...wähhh (xox )
ugly, ugly, ugly....r e a l l y  u g l y~

That's all


  1. 8D Mehr Gute-Nacht-Geschichten! *räusper*
    Das du jener Spinne keinen..abtrusten Spitznamen verpasst hattest..xD

  2. Ich war in diesem Moment einfach zu geschockt um ihr den Namen CLAUDE zu verpassen xD