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Samstag, 17. September 2011

it's been a while~

Damn. My last entry was 1 week ago. I was too lazy~
But I'm back and I'll show you some pictures to explain the last days.

1. I had an exam in chemistry and I passed! Now I'm going to a new school~! And there are boys. baibai Girl's School! School starts on monday~ I'm so happy!

2. I ordered 3 mangas & a book. I have read the mangas last thursday while waiting for my result of the chemistry exam. And I started with the book. "Die wahre Geschichte der Geisha" I really like it. ♥

3. I bought 2 new sweaters. They are so lovely & cuddly~ ♥
 "Oscar loves Trash" ♥

 4. Ohhhh! baibai pink extensions~! I look weird with short hair..right? Well..the whole picture looks weird xD

5. OMG! I must watch the episodes 8 & 9 of "Ikemen Desu Ne".
and...OMG take a look!
Takimoto Miori could be such a hot boy O_o
Boah...she's awesome ♥

So that's all~ 

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