in the middle of chaos

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

I need money~!

Yesterday was the birthday party of my sister.
I took the part of a waitress and gave drinks and foods to the party people~ And I opened the door *yeeeay* It wasn't that bad...but they didn't give me any money! (〝▼皿▼)
I need it (>A <) I really really need it~!


Tonight I'll take care of Chilli~ ♥ The new puppy of my cousin.
Isn't she cute?

I must go in a few minutes so it's time to say goodbye~

That's all

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

awesome weekend~!

Oh my Gazette~
The weekend was awesome~!
The movie (Paranormal Activity 3) wasn't really good. Okay, there were a few really creepy scenes but the story is so different to the two other movies. The ending was strange...We don't like it but we had a lot of fun~! Next week we will watch the movie "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark". awwww~ I love halloween (♥∀♥)

Then Anne came with me ヾ( ^ω^)ノ
We made Pizza and it was so funny x'D We made a "special-Pizza" and it tasted very good.
Doesn't it look beautiful?

We made a lot cam-pictures ( 〇□〇)
We are so stupid haha xDv
 Anne loves rilakkuma and mamegoma~
she wants to go with me to Düsseldorf and buy her own mamegoma haha.

 I love the last two pictures :3
I love Anne 
(ノ^∇゚)ノ ヘ(^∇゚ヘ)

my outfit
 I changed my hair a little bit.

and omg (>A<) 
I want to buy a panda kigurumi~!
Panda Kigurumi/Ebay
but I don't have the money (._.")
it makes me sad...
くすん ( ノω-、)
well... it's alright...
That's all

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

パラノーマル・アクティビティ ヽ(`◇´)/

Tomorrow will be a great day~!
You know why? No?
I will tell you..~

I will go to the cinema with Anneeee~chan, Liza and a person I don't know (o_ o;)
We are going to see the movie "Paranormal Activity 3"~ I'm so excited d(=^‥^=)b
I have always so much fun when I'm with Anne. She's so cool and cute ♥

And she's a honest person. I like this type of people. But that's not enough!
After the movie Anne will come with me...and stay here.. (▼へ▼メ)

And we will be alone...and make Pizza~! 
that's all~

Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

the GazettE [Toxic] & the devilish dog..

Yeay, I was so happy when my package from cdjapan arrived.
I got the Gazette's new album TOXIC!!ヾ( ^ω^)ノ
 It looks awesome and it sounds unbelievable godlike~!
I love the GazettE because they know, what they do and how they do it the right way.
I love the new and the "old" songs. (like VORTEX or PLEDGE)

and...O m g ! 
The photobook is so hot. Ruki looks so good. (as always..~(●⌒∇⌒●) わーい)
My favorites are: "Tomorrow Never Dies", "Untitled", "The Suicide Circus", "PLEDGE".

Fable attacked me!
v( ▼Д▼)ノ

devilish dog...

 That's all

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

something ~

Also zunächst einmal~
Ich bin kein depressives Kind ;)
Jeder hat mal nen miesen Tag oder?? Denke schon.
Und dann;
Ich unterhalte mich nicht mit iwelchen über coolen Anonymen Leutz die Kommentare hinterlassen. Oder beachte diese.
Ist doch ein bisschen arm oder? Noch erbärmlicher als mein letzter Eintrag.
Da ich nur mit dem Handy diesen Eintrag verfasse , halte ich mich kurz.
1. kanonxkanon geht klar <3 steffi kann doch (*-*)
2. Toxic ist endlich offiziell rausgekommen. Und nach genau einer Woche kam das Paket von cdjapan an.
Dazu aber mehr morgen wenn ich am Laptop sitze.

That's all.

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011


unhappy like hell at the moment~!
listening to sad songs~!
betrayed by friends again~!
feel strange~!
lonely feeling~!


no money~!
no love~!

hate myself soooo f*ucking much at the moment~!
sniff ( ノω-、)
kinda stupid...YES I KNOW~!
I really hate myself right now...don't know exactly why.
But it is...LIKE IT IS~!

Let me scream and write some shit~!

Tomorrow the sun will shine again~!

Hope so~!
Am I drunk?

Shut up & leave me alone~!
like always~!


ぅわ━━。・゚ ゚・(p>□<q)・゚ ゚・。━━ん

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Jennifer Rostock & Yamayu Santatsu

1. Last night was the concert of "Jennifer Rostock" at Diekirch. The concert was for free so I went there with my sister. Well, first I wanted to go there with steffi but the concert was too late for her (._.)
awww~ It was awesome~! She rocked like hell! Her voice is so amazing, I really like her. ♥ Jennifer is pretty, cool and funny <3 She knows how to entertain her fans. btw, there weren't so many people..
I met some friends there so it was really funny and I was really happy to see the band live (> 3<)
Now, some pictures~ (they aren't that good..)

 She asked; Who knows the next song?!
A girl screamed and Jennifer has called her to the stage~
Bäm! The girl had to sing the song alone xD
It wasn't bad..Jennifer helped her at the end.

She's really great! Now I'm also a fan~ 

This morning I bought her new album "Mit Haut und Haar"
It's love <3

2.And then...
My father went with my sister and me to a real japanese restaurant ♥
It was so delicious!
I ate Rãmen
ラーメン & Yukimi Daifuku雪見だいふく
 Vanilla ice cream with a thin layer of rice cake
I fell in love with it.
and yeah..I drank Sake again xD

It was very good!

That's all
(my english is bad~)