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Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Jennifer Rostock & Yamayu Santatsu

1. Last night was the concert of "Jennifer Rostock" at Diekirch. The concert was for free so I went there with my sister. Well, first I wanted to go there with steffi but the concert was too late for her (._.)
awww~ It was awesome~! She rocked like hell! Her voice is so amazing, I really like her. ♥ Jennifer is pretty, cool and funny <3 She knows how to entertain her fans. btw, there weren't so many people..
I met some friends there so it was really funny and I was really happy to see the band live (> 3<)
Now, some pictures~ (they aren't that good..)

 She asked; Who knows the next song?!
A girl screamed and Jennifer has called her to the stage~
Bäm! The girl had to sing the song alone xD
It wasn't bad..Jennifer helped her at the end.

She's really great! Now I'm also a fan~ 

This morning I bought her new album "Mit Haut und Haar"
It's love <3

2.And then...
My father went with my sister and me to a real japanese restaurant ♥
It was so delicious!
I ate Rãmen
ラーメン & Yukimi Daifuku雪見だいふく
 Vanilla ice cream with a thin layer of rice cake
I fell in love with it.
and yeah..I drank Sake again xD

It was very good!

That's all
(my english is bad~)

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