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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Year in Review~!

haiiiii guys~!!
It's time for a little review of the year 2012!
More pictures than text~! Be prepared :)
Only the most important parts of the year~!

1. Meeting ScReW
 One of the most beautiful and important moments in my life~!
I was so happy and excited to meet the band! They are actually with the Gazette my number one..The members are so nice and funny! I love their music, style and silly moments < 3
First band I've followed since their's been a while and look how famous they are right now!
I'm proud and thankful for their personalities and music..

2. Meeting a new cutie~!!
I've met the sweetie pie Alice :3
She's a great friend and I really love her crazy art!
She'll go with me to Japan next year < 3 

3. I've started wearing circle lenses and false eyelashes~! < 3

4. Japan Expo in Paris~!
 My outfit...
A seifuku~! :3
 kyahh~ Vani and Yuka from 6%dokidoki were there~!!
 ahh~ so many nice people wanted to make a picture of or with us!
Even some japanese people...
As you can see Steffi and me made a great partnerlook 8D
best thing...First time I get the chance to see kyary pamyu pamyu LIVE~!
OMG she is fabulous!! ;^;
Looking forward to meet her again at her concert!! < 3

5. Japan!
My first tripe to Japan. Summer 2012 with Steffi~!
It was awesome < 3 I've met so many new friends there~!
We visited a gyaru meet up in Shibuya and were filmed by kawaii international~!
Do you remember?? haha
 beloved place..< 3 
 The gyaru meet up~!!
I had a great time, so many nice girls (and a few boys well xD) 
We had a lot of fun.

 A screenshot from our little part in the kawaii international show.
hahaha kinda embaressing but it was funny xD
They took my silly face and my interview, yeay!! >:3

I saw Alice nine live, great concert but my highlight..
was this concert.
Many good bands and I was able to see ScReW again!! (*___*)
I've cried after their show...I was just so damn happy about to see them again..
 Again I've met new, friendly and crazy girls! xD

 another new and important friend! :) < 3
This is the lovely guy who sent me the cute hello kitty stomach warmer and kitty x chopper socks ;3
Happy that I've met him!
And I'm looking forward to see him again.

 Oh dear!
My first trip to an Onsen...I'll never ever forget this day! xD

 Finally, I've got my extensions :3 

6. Japanese Classes
Alice, nikyami and myself are taking japanese classes since september.
I helps a lot! I'm glad that I've found a school with jp. classes.
I want to learn more and more! 

7. Halloween
 Halloween with my best bro nikyami..
btw she's a girl! But we are bros you know!
pewdiepie insider (pewdie fans will know..8D)

I love her!! She's always there for me. I can talk about everything with her,
thank you for everything < 3 :)

8. Happy New Year~
I'm glad to have readers like you guys. Thank you for reading this blog and comments me sometimes :)
love ya all~ < 3
I'm not at home tomorrow 'cause I'm going to spend the new year's eve at my best bro's place! I'm kinda excited to enjoy my time with her and make party 8D
So far!

I wish you already a 


Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

XMas Pictures/Outfits aaand cute present~

haiiiiiii guys~!
Hope you had a lovely and peacefully christmas and enjoyed your time with your family, friends or partners! (^__^) I had a nice Christmas and want to show you some of my pictures. (where you can see my outfit & make up~! )
Nothing very special but I like it...and you maybe too! 8D

Oh btw...kyahh~ I'm gonna book the flight to Tokyo tomorrow! I'll be there again in summer with two lovely friends! < 3 Ahhw I'm so happy even if my brain didn't realize it now...haha

I didn't wear anything special for XMas Eve~ I've just used some make up on my face ~
 my hair looks perfect here~ < 3 somehow < 3 
but my bangs are a way too long right now .___."
 ahhh~ you can finally see my pink circle lenses~!!
well...the colour is a bit different/better! Damn you instagram hahaha

what I've got;
-Assassin's Creed 3 *^*
-money for my flight to Tokyo!! 

So far, I had lunch with my family on the 25th. Well...'family lunch'
Only with my parents and my grandparents, but it was nice and funny! :)

 my hairstyle ~!
I used;
-my navana ponytail (bought at Shibuya109)
-my cute hair accessory from 6%dokidoki. (bought at the Japan Expo)
 sorry for the bad quality of the picture...
-skirt; Glavil
-Jumper; Esprit
-tights; C&A
-shoes; bodyline
-ponytail wig; navana
-hair accessory; 6%dokidoki

2 pictures out of nowhere~

Oh, I've tried something new with my ponytail hahah

Now two other outfits (:
I'm very sorry for my bad pictures! >____<

I've mixed up Glavil with CO&LU~
don't hit me! Dx
-shirt; CO&LU
-skirt; glavil
-knee sock; H&M
-shoes from NoFall
-necklace; glavil
-hat; CO&LU
I think it's a nice looking outfit..even if the shirt makes me look so fat ;^;
don't force a looks stupid ;) derp~!
show your real smiling face and be proud to show your emotions~!

My outfit for the cinema :3
I went there with my bro nikyami.. We watched the new "Silent Hill"..Well it was okay..but I wouldn't call it "horror movie" I don't know :/
nikyami was fangirling like an idiot! xD
"OMG it's just the same as in the game!"
I was just like "he?"
I didn't play or see the game so...xD"
aww, you can see my new cat hat!
I've found it at C&A and it was really cheap!! Only 7€!! :O
I love it, it's so cute~! 

At least I want to show you something super cute! :3
I've got a late birthday present from a very close friend from Japan. 
It's so cute! I love it and wear it almost every day since I've got it!
-Hello Kitty Stomach Warmer
-Hello Kitty x Chopper socks
Nao ♥


Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 2013!!

haiiiii guys~!!!
As a few of you may know, kyary pamyu pamyu is holding a world tour in 2013~!!
I've totally missed the news about it! Phew~ lucky me took a look at her official Facebook Page ¦D
There are only a few concerts in europe..BUT so lucky there is a concert in Brussels and Paris!

Ahhhh~ I don't want to talk that much today BUT, I've decided to visit one of her concerts!
I HAVE to see her again! I had so much fun the last time at the Japan Expo 2012! I I adore her! < 3 She's a great personality with a very special style ~ OMG!

Guys...I've ordered two tickets for her concert in Brussels~!!!
I still can't believe it! I'm gonna see kyary again!!
And I'm not going to be alone best bro nikyami is coming with me!! 

Omg!! Guys, I'm really happy to see my idol again ;^;

Is anybody out there who's gonna join us??
Do you visit a concert of kyary?? Where? :D

kyah kyah kyah~
If you need more informations, please take a look at her official Facebook FanPage!


Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Holidays~!/Xanadu ♥

haiiiii guys~!!
Just a short entry~!
Holy holidays, here they are! 3 Weeks to relax, meet friends, enjoy the life without studying~
ahhh I really need it! Everything is going well right now...< 3 and guys...I know it's not spring..but well I have these *dokidoki* feelings already for someone~ lalalala~ never mind!

Ahhhh back to the topic. I'm not going to write very much today because I'm a bit lazy aaaand tired!
Did anybody of you guys watched the new "Silent Hill" movie already?? :o
I wanna go to the cinema tomorrow with my sweetie pie nikyami and we want to see it...hope it's a good one.

Today my pre-order from the GFC arrived 8D !!!
ScReW merch < 3 
 I'm in love with the shirt design!! < 3
Skulls ftw!
Somehow ScReW is a bit strange by making their clothes..
It's L and looks like M.
My tank top of their EU tour is M and looks/feels like S! xD
but both fits very well so it's okay.
 Look at this cute scrunchy!
It's the one from ジン < 3
The colours are a bit crazy xD and not as "perfect" as the colour combinations of the scrunchies from the other members..
BUT! I like it! It's cute and I'm sure jin made it with lot of fantasy!
I like the crazy colours < 3 
*well I'm very objective yes yes*

For you to see~
Here are the other scrunchies :3
Kazuki, Jin, Byou, Rui, Manabu
at least..jin-san's isn't as boring as the one from kazuki oô
Gomen, Kazuki Fans!! (>x <;)
don't hit me~!

aaaand finally, I've used my webcam again!