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Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Outfit for the Japan Expo 2012?!

Hello my beloved readers.
As a few of you already know, I'm going to visit the Japan Expo in Jule. With my best Steffi <3
And we got an awesome idea~!!

Cute japanese School uniform.

We want to be cute schoolgirls and we found some perfect clothes in an online Shop but it doesn't work ;_;
The shop's name is "bodyline". Everytime we want to pay for the clothes it's  "Error 500"
DAFUQ?!! m(> A <)m
That sucks!! I'll try my best to get the clothes for us but if it doesn't work until next week..we have to search another online shop with cute school uniforms. It would be sooooo cool to go to the Japan Expo as school girls! "Schoolgirl Twins" haha <3
Well, we need some luck~! 


Freitag, 25. Mai 2012


Hello there~

this year will be the best year ever!
I have so much to do and I'm so good at life is awesome atm :3
No wait...I AM AWESOME 8D

Why in english this time? Well, I don't know either.
I'll try to be better in english...I have my english exam next year. It's better to practice a bit.
But don't make fun of me D: I know my english is very bad and sounds stupid...(> x <;)

Last week I went to the zoo with my sister. It was so hot and full there Oo" Damn, so many children!
We had a great time together and yeah..sometimes I like/love my sister :3
Now some pictures of my favorite animals <3
f**** window ;_;
otherwise the picture would be perfect! <_<
I love wolves. They are strong and graceful at the same time <3
 A red panda <3
I took this picture for my best Steffi  :3
She loves them and they are really cute <3

A white Tiger! *3*
He looks like the boss of the tigers.
He was so big...
What a beautiful animal...<3

And is the amazgin WATSON!
The show was so cool :D


Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

some stuff

Hi Ho People~!!
Great news...
Mein S2 funktioniert wieder!!
(*-* )
Nach fast 2 Wochen funktioniert endlich wieder alles einwandfrei.
Was noch?
Ich blogge irgendwie nicht mehr so wirklich gerne. Aber ich versuche wieder aktiver zu werden!
Nur habe ich im Moment wieder recht viel für die Schule zu tun (_ _;)
Aber in 2 Wochen sind Ferien und dann wird eventuell mal wieder mehr gepostet!
Uhhh, btw~
In genau 3 Monaten sitze ich im Flugzeug~Ziel JAPAN!

Und in nicht einmal mehr einem Monat, sehe ich ScReW!
Endlich habe ich die Chance die Jungs live zu erleben und sie sogar zu treffen :D
Jin <3

Dann muss ich zugeben, dass mich Final Fantasy immer mehr fasziniert.
Habe mir ja letztens FF13-2 gekauft (kaufen lassen *hust*)
Und es ist awesome...Ich glaube ich muss mir den ersten Teil noch besorgen...