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Freitag, 25. Mai 2012


Hello there~

this year will be the best year ever!
I have so much to do and I'm so good at life is awesome atm :3
No wait...I AM AWESOME 8D

Why in english this time? Well, I don't know either.
I'll try to be better in english...I have my english exam next year. It's better to practice a bit.
But don't make fun of me D: I know my english is very bad and sounds stupid...(> x <;)

Last week I went to the zoo with my sister. It was so hot and full there Oo" Damn, so many children!
We had a great time together and yeah..sometimes I like/love my sister :3
Now some pictures of my favorite animals <3
f**** window ;_;
otherwise the picture would be perfect! <_<
I love wolves. They are strong and graceful at the same time <3
 A red panda <3
I took this picture for my best Steffi  :3
She loves them and they are really cute <3

A white Tiger! *3*
He looks like the boss of the tigers.
He was so big...
What a beautiful animal...<3

And is the amazgin WATSON!
The show was so cool :D


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