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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

ScReW meet&greet and Concert~!

Hell yaaaaa~!!!
Already a week has passed...I'm sorry to let you wait so long~! 
Last sunday was the happiest band-moment in my life~

Let me start a few hours before the meet&greet schould beginn.
The weekend was so funny with Steffi xD We arrived very early in front of the hall. Steffi turned on her HAPPY HAPPY DANCE MUSIC~!! And we both danced like idiots! But it was so funny!
Later I was able to meet my dear Anna again (*___*) She looked so hot <3
A few moments later...the gate opened!! "Meet & Greet can start!!" My heart was full of so many emotions!
I was happy to see, hear and yeah maybe feel the band...but there was also a scary feeling..I really respect and love ScReW...I'm a proud fan since 4 years. They changed a lot and worked so hard. And just take a look now! They have accomplished so much! I'm very proud.
And then! In the room for the meet&greet...they came...My heart has the biggest DOKI DOKI feeling ever!
omg...these guys are looking so good! I always thought that their picture were just a result of the photoshop power...But no way!! ScReW...every member is so beautiful!
I'm talking to much...I'm sorry!
looked like this the whole time!

We took the photo and hell yeah!! The boys showed just a reaction when Steffi and I came to them.
*Le me saying hello and want to sit in the middle of byou and jin*
*le band* Ohhhh~!!! Ohh~!! <3
And here is the legendary picture with my boys :D
As you can see...Rui made a patpat xD
And no!! I don't hate byou or something like that! But my foxtail lay there and well...I just love Jin (✿ ♥‿♥)
After taking the picture, I stood up and the boys gave me already a big "THANK YOUU~" but I turned to them and said: Arigatou~! <3 As cute as I could! and they were quite shocked and gave me a "Ohh~ ARIGATOU" back xD It was a very cute and unforgettable moment for me!
after that, we got our autographs from them. And OMG... Jin was the first one...!(●´艸`)
Kazuki is such a flirty boy! xD Well after the autograph beginns the Q&A, then the group picture~<3
Without Steffi...I would have cried all the time! (x.x ;) Thank you my dear!

The meet&greet was awesome~and the boys are so nice, cute and cool. It was a very realx time with them.
The concert was great...I don't remember which song it was..but my tears were coming! I just tought "Fuck my false eyelashes will fall down! Don't cry! Don't cry!" but it was so hard...A few tears escaped...One of the happiest moments in my life was on this concert with this band.
The seltist was perfect!

"1. Death’s door
2. Gather Roses
4. Sakura no Ame
5. Cursed Hurricane
7. The Abyss
8. Duality
9. Deep Six
10.Wing- Ding
12. Barbed Wire
13. S= r&b
14. Nanairo
15. Kairos"
They played every song I love! *__*
Old&New~hell yeah!

I'm happy that I got the chance to see and meet ScReW. I love this band and every bandmember.
There are so many more details about the concert and the meet&greet but it would be to long to explain everything. Oh one detail! During the concert, Manabu was watching at Steffi and me ! x)) So cute~<3

We didn't take pictures of ourselves ._.
But I have a few where I can show my make-up and my hairstyle.
And yes! Steffi made both for me 8D

Well the pictures are not that good...but I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE *____*
Big sankyuu to my beloved steffi <3
Steffi took that picture of me :3
Dolly Wink Lashes ftw!
See how talented Steffi is?!

Merch which I bought :3

Thank you Steffi & Anna, we rocked the concert! ♥
ScReW ありがとうございました!(●´艸`)

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

off to cologne~ScReW ♥

Hello everybody~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Tomorrow I'm off to cologne with my best, Steffi~! ♥
We will just relax and have some fun (:

on sunday...mother of doki doki feeling..

the concert is on sunday~!! Which concert?! ScReW~!!<3

My second favorite band...and I'm able to see them live!!
And the best is...we have a "meet & greet" with the boys~! ლ(◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) OMG...I'll meet JIN!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!! (for me..) A LOT!! (✿ ♥‿♥) "My heart skips a beat" hahaha~

Oh and I'm going to see my beloved Anna again <3 my "sterniiiii" (○゜ε^○)

so my lovely readers~

I'm off to cologne~
see you on monday!