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Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

great/short shopping day with my best :3

I had a great day with my best! ^__^
First I sold my Louis Vuitton Wallet to a nice girl and got lots of money (*________*)v
I'm so happy that the wallet is finally gone!! <3
After the meeting with the girl, my dear sutewi arrived <3 We went shopping...yeah...I've bought 2 cute shirts >3< but!! they are for japan!'s okay!
I like them! ^__^
mameshi-pamyu pamyu...what are you doing there?!

After the short shopping trip, we ate a frozen yogurt~ 
Omg so delicious! 
the picture isn't very good...but it was so yummy~!
I had strawberry and coconut :3
well...there were no taste in the tiny coconut pieces..but it was okay..Next time I'll take banana!! (>x<)
And again some shopping aaaaand it was time to say goodbye ;^;
but I'm going to meet my best again on thursday!
with the pretty myriam and the cute Alice~chan~
It will be so funny with them! xD

now!! the one and only...
my little prince~! <3
Finn ~

Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

私は幸せです!(*´∀`*)☆ // HAZZE~

Hey there~
I was really surprised last week!
Let me explain the whole story in a few words :3 wwww~I'm so happy~
The Bassist (Fuma) of the band "HAZZE" followed me on twitter. I didn't know who the hell this could be...I didn't know the band or the bassist. Well...I followed him back.
*surprise number one!*
He followed me also on instagram and sometimes he liked a few pictures of me...okay..the strange part can start now! He started to follow all my friends on instagram!! Even friends who don't like japan! It was crazy...Some classmates were asking me "who the hell is this japanese guy?!" ( ̄□ ̄;)hahah kinda funny~ Okay life goes on~
*surprise number 2!*
It was last week when he liked so many pictures of me! I was shocked! really...really shocked!
you can't see all the likes he made! There were many more! hahah it was kinda cute! x3

After this I started searching some informations about him and the band "HAZZE". Mother of internet...It was very hard to find some informations about them! Or songs! 
Hazze is a nice and cool band :3 I would like to see them live in Tokyo. We'll see..

I decided to send him a big THANK YOU via twitter~ I did it! hahah
Without hope that he would see or reply..BUT the next day~!!
He gave me an answer! so cute!(。 >艸<)
Do you think it's childish to be glad about this?
I don't think so! I'm not a fangirl or some little girl who wants to marry him now! No way!
But I'm really happy that Fuma is a person who reply and don't just ignore everything.
It was so nice and cute! I don't want you to stalk or write him 100mails now! Poor fuma-san!(✖╭╮✖)
I just want to show you how nice this bassist is and how happy he made me with such a tiny thing :3

He made my week haha!

Now I will make some publicity for the boys :)
Here is the official website!
Please take a look!
Everytime I listen to this song...I'm thinking about a bird...flying so high in the sky. completely free~
awww I like it and I like the band. 

Oh! btw.
Fuma-san has a cat. He really loves his cat and makes lots of pictures! His cat is so cute...(> 3 <)
and always a little sleepy and dreamy~!


Montag, 23. Juli 2012

sutewi's first giveaway~!

Hello there~

Some great news! 
My best sutewi is making a fabulous giveaway with lots of cute stuff!
please take a look. It's really lovely and she's also a cute and fashionable person.

here is the link with her giveaway for more details~

for everyone;

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

New Design~!

Well, what happened here~?

Say hello to my new blog design.
the old one looked kinda boring, so I wanted to have a new one...a better one!
So I asked my best friend and she did it!
So I asked my best friend and she did it!!
The new design is made by my best sutewi
It looks great doesn't it?!
She has also chosen the picture of ruki...He looks so good!
I like the colour brown..I think it's better than the gray from my last design. Gray looks always a bit sad, lonely but beautiful!
There are also a few extras! 
Please take a look at the tabs on the top!
"私は...", "Find me" and "GazeRock"

Hope you like it!
I definitely do!

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Circle Lenses~♥

Hello there~
is there somebody? (I hope so..)

As I told you last time, I've got some circle lenses :3 I'm in love with them <3
My cute friend Alice gave them to me and they are very comfortable. They don't hurt and I'm able to wear them the whole day.
 here they are~
From "Barbie Eye Super Nudy, Brown" 
looks a bit silly...:x they are so pretty! 
and I think they fit me.

 Without make-up and with flash. well my hair is in the way...sorry~! (一。一;;)

 thanks to my dear Alice again~ perfect picture of my lenses :3

btw, I've new favourite lashes.
one of kyary's eyemazing lashes <3
they are lovely & pretty~! 
I like N°.503 the most because they aren't that huge and fit with my eyes.

First picture is with eyes closed...It looks good, doesn't it?
and yeah...a picture with my best ;D

I was bored that day...sorry for the bad make-up!

There is nothing more to say~


Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Japan Expo 2012!♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

Hello dear readers~!
Here is the short report of the Japan Expo 2012! There is one word which describe how it was!
The guys there just loved our JK gyaru Style! There were so many people taking pictures of us!! So cute~!
Feels like a V.I.P! hahah And we met so cute and adorable people..<3 Like the popular and fashionable "Pastelbat" She is so lovely~and the perfect kyary pamyu pamyu cosplay~! <3 btw, someone of kyary's staff took pictures of sutewi & me too >:3 And we met yuka & vani from 6%dokidoki *__ * Both of them are so cool! I love them <3 I think they have a very strong personality..And OMG! I saw kyary pamyu pamyu live!! She is so cute!! kyaahhhh <3 her concert was a way too short...but it was so funny! I've danced all the time! xDD And OMG again! Anli Pollicino is a great band! Mother of Dance~ The concert was soooo good! I really want to see them again!
First picture of sutewi & me :3
In the bus last saturday 8D happy faces haha
oh dear, I love her <3

Oh hell yeah! my new and beloved friend Alice was also at the JE <3 She is so cute..and a stalker (o.o)

Here is my outfit~ very comfortable...but...the shoes..NOT!
I really like that outfit :3 
Oh btw...many japanese people took pictures of us! >:3 So we did it the right way with our outfits!! HELL YEAH!

 A super nice guy took that picture of us and added me on fb so I can have the picture.
There were so many nice people at the Expo :3 
 Awwwww~! Aren't they super cute?! <3 We wanted to make a picture with them and after our picture, the two of them wanted to make one too for themselves xDv 
They promote an app which you can get in the AppStore and in GooglePlay :3
It's really cute, pls give it a try~!

yuka & vani from 6%dokidoki (。♥‿♥。)
They are so pretty and so nice/cute! <3
I love their style...6%dokidoki have so many cute things~! <3

One of the best cosplays I saw at the Expo (*___ *)
I really had to take a picture of them! They were so cute! <3

Ahhh btw, we drunk an awesome Bubble Tea!! <3 Finally we were able to taste a good one again <3

And yes~ We made some puris! 8D (but mother of purikura...15€!!! I was shocked!)

hahah our cute "kyary pose~!" We made it for our fans at the expo! xD The photographers just love this pose...<3 & me too xD
 love you <3 (●´艸`)

What I bought :3
 my kyary merch! *__ *
 finally I got my own buta-usagi~!! <3
and the pretty golden stars are from 6%dokidoki <3
it's a hair accessory <3
with my cute kyary pamyu pamyu shirt <3 always want one! <3

That's everything for the moment :)
btw~ I'm wearing circle lenses now >:3


Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

off to Paris, Japan Expo 2012!

Hello there~!
Tomorrow is the next special day~!
JAPAN EXPO in Paris with my beloved sutewi/steffi :D <3
Our outfits are awesome! We will go as JK gyaru (learned this expression from kawaii international 8D)
I'm going to see kyary pamyu pamyu live~!! *_____________ * can't believe it! And we'll meet so many people there xD

In a few hours I'm off to my dear :D~

Have a nice weekend~ 
see you on monday!

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Big Sale! (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ

Hi Ho, Leute 8D
Dieses Mal schreibe ich auf Deutsch, da es hier um einen Sale Post geht, der wohl eher nur für Deutschsprachige Leser in Frage kommt. I'm so sorry!
Ich bin etwas verzweifelt am Geld sammeln/sparen/"verdienen". Diesen Sommer geht es schließlich nach Japan für 3 Wochen! Und da ist etwas zusätzliches Geld sehr willkommen denkt ihr nicht~? Und da ich einige Dinge habe die ich gerne loswerden würde, habe ich entschlossen es mal anhand meines Blogs zu versuchen...(auch wenn ich wenig Chancen habe ._.")

Bye Bye Kitty Hoodie
So gut wie neu (nichts kaputt oder befleckt)
Katzenohren an der Kapuze
Ärmel mit Daumenlöchern
Die Quali dieses Hoodie ist sehr gut, da ich ihn wirklich selten getragen habe :3

Cupcake Cult Voodoo Bunny
Wie neu (nichts kaputt oder befleckt)
Hasenohren an der Kapuze
Ärmel mit Daumenlöchern
Tatzen am Ärmelsaum
Diesen Hoodie habe ich höchstens 2mal getragen :3


DS Spiel: Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings
Packung, Anleitung und Spiel sind auf Deutsch.
Wie neu
Habe es einmal richtig gespielt (bin nicht sehr weit gekommen)
Perfekt für FF Fans ;)
Ratchet & Clank, Quest for Booty (PS3)
Sprache: Deutsch

White Knight Chronicles (PS3)
Sprache: Deutsch
Anleitung & Verpackung: Englisch

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (Wii)
Sprache: Deutsch

Final Fantasy 7-Dirge of Cerberus(PS2)
Sprache: Deutsch
Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2(PS2)
Sprache: Deutsch

Alle Spiele funktionieren noch.
Somit wie neu.

Anm: Vor allem werden hier wohl Yaoi Fans was finden.

Only the Ringfinger Knows & Novel / Regeln der Liebe / Seven Days 1 / Invisible Boy 1-2 /
Gakuen Heaven 1-2 / Ermittlungen in Sachen Liebe / Das Spiel von Katz und Maus / the Kiss of Blood / Was zum Naschen /
 Mizu no Kioku / Teatime Lovin' 2 / The loudest Whisper 2 / When a Man loves a Man 6 / Der beste Liebhaber 1-2 / Geliebter Freund /
 Love Contract / As you wish! / Desire / Pandora Hearts 4 / Otomen 2 / Sternbilder der Liebe /
 The Devil Within 1-2 / Maid-Sama 1-2 /

Nun zu all meinen Naruto Bänden. Hierzu sage ich gleich vorweg, es fehlen zwischendurch ein paar Bände. Aber falls jemand Interesse an einem oder mehreren Bänden hat.. :3
 Naruto 1-8
Naruto 20-21
 Naruto 24-28
 Naruto 30-38
Naruto 40 & 51 & 53
Hier nochmal die ganzen Bände~

Info: Alle Mangas werden für 5€ verkauft. Sie sind wie neu und ich selbst habe viele davon für 7€ in Luxemburg gekauft. 

Visual Kei Stuff: 
Dir En Grey - Tour 05 It Withers And Withers [DVD]
Das sind die bisherigen Sachen.
Ich hoffe wirklich irgendetwas weckt das Interesse eines Lesers :)
Versandkosten wird der Käufer übernehmen (genauere Informationen werden bei Interesse mitgeteilt)
Versende aus Luxemburg in die EU.
Bei Interesse bitte hier melden:

Danke für die Aufmerksamkeit!