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Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Circle Lenses~♥

Hello there~
is there somebody? (I hope so..)

As I told you last time, I've got some circle lenses :3 I'm in love with them <3
My cute friend Alice gave them to me and they are very comfortable. They don't hurt and I'm able to wear them the whole day.
 here they are~
From "Barbie Eye Super Nudy, Brown" 
looks a bit silly...:x they are so pretty! 
and I think they fit me.

 Without make-up and with flash. well my hair is in the way...sorry~! (一。一;;)

 thanks to my dear Alice again~ perfect picture of my lenses :3

btw, I've new favourite lashes.
one of kyary's eyemazing lashes <3
they are lovely & pretty~! 
I like N°.503 the most because they aren't that huge and fit with my eyes.

First picture is with eyes closed...It looks good, doesn't it?
and yeah...a picture with my best ;D

I was bored that day...sorry for the bad make-up!

There is nothing more to say~



  1. HUA HUA HUA ! That's the pair of Kyarys lashes that I don't like at all xDDDD ! But you look so good in it! I'm happy that you like the lenses I gave you ~ you should definitely try some other colours! XD

  2. Really? Why don't you like N°503? xD
    thank you sweetiiiiiee (>~<)
    Oh I'll try other colours!definitely!
    Like blue or violet/pink :)

  3. My eyes are too small for these ! Everytime I blink I fell them uaaaaah very uncomfy !XDDD

    Blue lenses !! TRY BLUE LENSES FIRST !!! *blue lens addicted*

  4. arg, shit that's true D: yeah maybe.
    I'll see :3

  5. That picture where u said you were bored looks soooooo cute!!!

  6. where did you get these beautiful lashes? :o
    can you give me a link or something? >3<

  7. a friend gave them to me.
    but here is a good shop where you can get some :)
    there are the lashes which I wore on the pictures.
    but you can also find the other ones in this online shop :3
    be careful, the lashes are without glue! you have to buy the glue somewhere else or use another one for lashes (: