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Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

great/short shopping day with my best :3

I had a great day with my best! ^__^
First I sold my Louis Vuitton Wallet to a nice girl and got lots of money (*________*)v
I'm so happy that the wallet is finally gone!! <3
After the meeting with the girl, my dear sutewi arrived <3 We went shopping...yeah...I've bought 2 cute shirts >3< but!! they are for japan!'s okay!
I like them! ^__^
mameshi-pamyu pamyu...what are you doing there?!

After the short shopping trip, we ate a frozen yogurt~ 
Omg so delicious! 
the picture isn't very good...but it was so yummy~!
I had strawberry and coconut :3
well...there were no taste in the tiny coconut pieces..but it was okay..Next time I'll take banana!! (>x<)
And again some shopping aaaaand it was time to say goodbye ;^;
but I'm going to meet my best again on thursday!
with the pretty myriam and the cute Alice~chan~
It will be so funny with them! xD

now!! the one and only...
my little prince~! <3
Finn ~

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