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Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

私は幸せです!(*´∀`*)☆ // HAZZE~

Hey there~
I was really surprised last week!
Let me explain the whole story in a few words :3 wwww~I'm so happy~
The Bassist (Fuma) of the band "HAZZE" followed me on twitter. I didn't know who the hell this could be...I didn't know the band or the bassist. Well...I followed him back.
*surprise number one!*
He followed me also on instagram and sometimes he liked a few pictures of me...okay..the strange part can start now! He started to follow all my friends on instagram!! Even friends who don't like japan! It was crazy...Some classmates were asking me "who the hell is this japanese guy?!" ( ̄□ ̄;)hahah kinda funny~ Okay life goes on~
*surprise number 2!*
It was last week when he liked so many pictures of me! I was shocked! really...really shocked!
you can't see all the likes he made! There were many more! hahah it was kinda cute! x3

After this I started searching some informations about him and the band "HAZZE". Mother of internet...It was very hard to find some informations about them! Or songs! 
Hazze is a nice and cool band :3 I would like to see them live in Tokyo. We'll see..

I decided to send him a big THANK YOU via twitter~ I did it! hahah
Without hope that he would see or reply..BUT the next day~!!
He gave me an answer! so cute!(。 >艸<)
Do you think it's childish to be glad about this?
I don't think so! I'm not a fangirl or some little girl who wants to marry him now! No way!
But I'm really happy that Fuma is a person who reply and don't just ignore everything.
It was so nice and cute! I don't want you to stalk or write him 100mails now! Poor fuma-san!(✖╭╮✖)
I just want to show you how nice this bassist is and how happy he made me with such a tiny thing :3

He made my week haha!

Now I will make some publicity for the boys :)
Here is the official website!
Please take a look!
Everytime I listen to this song...I'm thinking about a bird...flying so high in the sky. completely free~
awww I like it and I like the band. 

Oh! btw.
Fuma-san has a cat. He really loves his cat and makes lots of pictures! His cat is so cute...(> 3 <)
and always a little sleepy and dreamy~!


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