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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Japan Expo 2012!♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

Hello dear readers~!
Here is the short report of the Japan Expo 2012! There is one word which describe how it was!
The guys there just loved our JK gyaru Style! There were so many people taking pictures of us!! So cute~!
Feels like a V.I.P! hahah And we met so cute and adorable people..<3 Like the popular and fashionable "Pastelbat" She is so lovely~and the perfect kyary pamyu pamyu cosplay~! <3 btw, someone of kyary's staff took pictures of sutewi & me too >:3 And we met yuka & vani from 6%dokidoki *__ * Both of them are so cool! I love them <3 I think they have a very strong personality..And OMG! I saw kyary pamyu pamyu live!! She is so cute!! kyaahhhh <3 her concert was a way too short...but it was so funny! I've danced all the time! xDD And OMG again! Anli Pollicino is a great band! Mother of Dance~ The concert was soooo good! I really want to see them again!
First picture of sutewi & me :3
In the bus last saturday 8D happy faces haha
oh dear, I love her <3

Oh hell yeah! my new and beloved friend Alice was also at the JE <3 She is so cute..and a stalker (o.o)

Here is my outfit~ very comfortable...but...the shoes..NOT!
I really like that outfit :3 
Oh btw...many japanese people took pictures of us! >:3 So we did it the right way with our outfits!! HELL YEAH!

 A super nice guy took that picture of us and added me on fb so I can have the picture.
There were so many nice people at the Expo :3 
 Awwwww~! Aren't they super cute?! <3 We wanted to make a picture with them and after our picture, the two of them wanted to make one too for themselves xDv 
They promote an app which you can get in the AppStore and in GooglePlay :3
It's really cute, pls give it a try~!

yuka & vani from 6%dokidoki (。♥‿♥。)
They are so pretty and so nice/cute! <3
I love their style...6%dokidoki have so many cute things~! <3

One of the best cosplays I saw at the Expo (*___ *)
I really had to take a picture of them! They were so cute! <3

Ahhh btw, we drunk an awesome Bubble Tea!! <3 Finally we were able to taste a good one again <3

And yes~ We made some puris! 8D (but mother of purikura...15€!!! I was shocked!)

hahah our cute "kyary pose~!" We made it for our fans at the expo! xD The photographers just love this pose...<3 & me too xD
 love you <3 (●´艸`)

What I bought :3
 my kyary merch! *__ *
 finally I got my own buta-usagi~!! <3
and the pretty golden stars are from 6%dokidoki <3
it's a hair accessory <3
with my cute kyary pamyu pamyu shirt <3 always want one! <3

That's everything for the moment :)
btw~ I'm wearing circle lenses now >:3


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  1. i loveeeee it ^^ kyaryyyyy.
    where did you bought that? and where did you do that purikuraaaa omgawd.