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Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

New Design~!

Well, what happened here~?

Say hello to my new blog design.
the old one looked kinda boring, so I wanted to have a new one...a better one!
So I asked my best friend and she did it!
So I asked my best friend and she did it!!
The new design is made by my best sutewi
It looks great doesn't it?!
She has also chosen the picture of ruki...He looks so good!
I like the colour brown..I think it's better than the gray from my last design. Gray looks always a bit sad, lonely but beautiful!
There are also a few extras! 
Please take a look at the tabs on the top!
"私は...", "Find me" and "GazeRock"

Hope you like it!
I definitely do!

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