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Dienstag, 7. August 2012

SORRY! // Arcana Heart 3 Game Review

I'm so sorry dear readers!! My last entry is a bit "shitty". To be honest, my mood wasn't very good last week and I doubted myself...things like; are you pretty? which style would suit you?" But I'm sorry! My mood is better and thanks for the nice comments! :3 I'll never give up because I like to write about my stuff! And guys!! I'm going to flight to TOKYO on saturday~! kyahh~

I'll write a little game review. I'm not going to make any tutorials BUT I'm able to write reviews about some stuff ;) Let me start with the game I've bought last saturday or was it last friday? Dunno~

The game is called "Arcana Heart 3". It's for the PlayStation 3 and it's a 2D arcade fighting game. 
First I was really happy! A game with 25 cute girls as fighters! They are looking very cute and some are kinda sexy ;D otaku~ Well. The descreption and the box of the game are in german BUT the game only works in english or japanese. Big problem at the beginning! Everything was in japanese xD
It was very hard to find the right settings to change the language and the other things (x __ x;) 
The battles are cool. Every girl have special skills but the fight system is getting boring after some battles...And the most awful thing is the story mode~ I don't like it! It's always the same way with every girl! 25 times the same kind of story O_o It pissed me off and it's so hard to win o___o The game is a bit difficult or I'm just stupid xDD 

Conclusion: The game is okay. The characters are very cute and the fights are also nice and cool. The Story mode is boring! My opinion; if you are bored as hell, play this game! 3/10 (.______.)

Here is a short video where you can see every girl with their moves.



  1. My Review would look like this: D'Spill as SCHEISS! xD

  2. haha ech wollt et na leif ausdrecken..mee jo bessi xD