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Sonntag, 19. August 2012

Tokyo; Concerts at Shibuya O-East

Yesterday was a very great day! I was able to see my beloved band ScReW again!
Let's start!
We went to Shibuya, ate some crepe and made puris like almost everyday! xD And we were sitting at the Hachiko Statue for some time. When we were sitting next to heart was besting so fast..I don't know why but maybe because I remembered why this statue is there...
We went to Shibuya O-East and met new funny and cute people :D 
Here is the list of the Bands which we saw yesterday;


You see? So many good bands! It felt so good to rock again with ScReW. The concert was so much better here, than in germany! maybe it's because of the fans? You have some space, there is nobody running at you or hitting you! You can enjoy the concert and show respect to the band members. Oh guys < 3 I love it < 3 After the concert we went to a restaurant with the other girls we met at the concert. They were so funny! Of course we took some puris with them too ;Dv
Here are one of the awesome puris we made together ~
sutewi and me before the concerts :3 
I love my new red shirt so much! so comfortable < 3

Now my merch from the concerts~of course only merch from ScReW xD
Towel, Uchiwa, Mirror and a flyer :3 
Every uchiwa is designed by another member of the band...I've got the one from ジン! (*___*)
Isn't it totally cute?! xD < 3 kyahhh~

Today we had a barbecue at our guesthouse. The food was so delicious! ^____~
BIG THANKS to the legendary kuga-san! ありがとう!

Now, good night dear readers :) 



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