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Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Tokyo; Ghibli Museum~

Sorry for my late entry!
I'm just going to write about last friday. It wasn't m day! I was so weak and just tired. I didn't feel well that day. But let me tell you something about the legendary Ghibli Museum.
awwww~ we weren't allowed to take the only picture I'll show you is the Ghibli BUS!
The Bus took us from the Station to the Ghibli Museum.
It looked so cute! xD 

The Ghibli Museum is really special! It has many special effects! Sooo~ cool! 
There were so many drawings from Hayao Miyazaki! I loved to look at them < 3 
Well, there were so many children! Haha they were totally excited and running around! Very cute...the museum made them happy~
We also went to the souvenirs shop but it was TOO full and TOO expensive...sad (._.)

But it was a nice time there and very interesting. 
After the museum we went back home and I slept the rest of the day 8D yeaaaay~


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