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Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Tokyo; Gyaru Meet ^__~

Haiii, dear readers!
On Tuesday we had a Gyaru Meet 2k12 at Shibuya109. This meet was organized by the awesome Rox and the epic Charlotte . Both of them are so funny and pretty! We had lots of fun at the meet :)
First we met at Shibuya109. The film crew were already there...OMG we've been filmed the whole day by them 8D FAMOUS! Like some V.I.P's! The japanese people were so surprised...and looked at us like..."OMG WHAT'S GOING ON THERE? ARE THEY FAMOUS?" xD

First impression of the group was like...>Oh god...I'm not even a gal...what are you doing here..baka!< But after some time I felt very good being with them :3

Oh! Finally I was able to take a picture with my beloved Staff from Co&Lu! I've bought a whole outfit on Monday! Now you can see it ;D I love the clothes there, they are so cool and comfortable ~ and look at this cute staff! >___< ahhhh I need more money to buy all the clothes there!
 Look at this cute commercial! There is Kanako! I love Kanako!! (*____*)

 Here is a picture of me and a cute girl I met :) Her name is Tracey and she looks so pretty! She's a nice person. I like her :3

baka picture! 8D 
 a mirror picture at the Liz Lisa Shop :)
me, sutewi and Tracey. Aren't we pretty? ;D

The popular Shiena was also at the meet! I saw so many pictures of her in the Internet and I've always thought "Who is this model!?" She is a really nice and cute person. And so beautiful OAO I was so happy to meet her and that sutewi took a picture of us < 3
 Here is a picture of our group..
Well not all of them were there at that moment. But I really enjoyed the meet.
Never thought...8D 

Oh!! After the short shopping trip at Shibuya109, we took some puris!
sutewi, me, rox and charlotte :D
It was so funny to take puris with them! xD
Here is a puri with me, sutewi and Liz. She's also a nice girl! :D
Our eyes are so big *g* I'm in Love with purikura! xD
Oh is a fail puri! To many people xDD

When we were finished with the puris, some of us take a crêpe or a bubble get new energy! 
Then we went to a special place..!
We went to a Gyaru cafe, called 10sion! It's a cool place but also kinda expensive place xD
and one of the staff tought I was a korean...okay! 
We've played also a game...and I lost everytime!! -____-" 

After the gyaru cafe we went to a restaurant for dinner. The fried Chicken there was so delicious *___,*
A cute picture of me and my sweetie :D < 3

After the dinner the meet ended for sutewi and me. 
But it was so cool to meet all this nice girls and a few guys..xD"
The crew were nice too and I'm looking forward to the showtime 8D!! Which will be at the 29 of september...~

Both of us went again to the purikura machines to make a few puris again :)

There are many more 8D But sutewi can "just" download a few of them with her mobile phone. 
Lucky! < 3 

So guys, it's now 2pm and I'm a bit tired! 
See you tomorrow 


  1. This was so much fun! I'm so glad that I got to meet you! o(^-^)o

  2. Thank you!! I was happy happy too!
    I like your blog 8D I need to read everything haha <3