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Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Tokyo; met Nao/ visit Shinjuku & Asakusa~

yesterday was a funny day!
We met a friend of sutewi, the talented Nao :D He's really talented and a very nice guy! I like hanging out with both of them (: funny time~ xD

Well, first we wanted to visit the huge Tokyo Sky Tree..but there were so many poeple...that we've decided to go to the Sumida Aquarium. Fishiiiiiis~ I had the tiny cam so my pictures aren't that good, I'm so sorry (;___; ) 
 the big Tokyo Sky Tree~

the only good picture I took from the Aquarium ;_; 

So after the pretty Aquarium, we had a great time at Asakusa! :D 
The temples there are so beautiful!! I love the traditional part of japan so much! Everything looks like a fairytale. 
 tadahhhhh~ sutewi, nao & myself! :D 

 I have some more picture...but I'm so tired~:D visit my facebook page and you'll see some more pictures! 

Later we went back to Shinjuku to make puris and go to an arcade >:3 I've tried to get a super cute bunny but the stupid bunny didn't came out of the machine! ;______; 
Well, at least the puris are super cute! :D 
one of the best puris ever! xD
ぱみゆ < 3 

As you can se, I really enjoy the time here in japan!
oh btw...the hosts in shinjuku...are looking so good! thahah 8D 

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