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Freitag, 17. August 2012

Tokyo; Odaiba/Alice Nine Concert~

Haiiii guys!
It's time to write a bit about day 3 here in Tokyo!
We spent the whole day in Odaiba because of the Alice Nine concert which took place at Zepp Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba. Fuhh...there were so many people! But Odaiba is so pretty! Especially at night! All the lights and colors < 3 I was so happy to see that kind if magic haha :Dv

Pictures here you go! 

Look at the huge Gundam! 
 le me fighting le huge Gundam! who's going to win?!

 Now let's talk about the Alice Nine concert.
The concert was really good! Damn, japanese people/fans rocked SO hard! I enjoyed myself by watching them. But I wasn't able to rock with them! ;__; my feet hurt like hell...REALLY like hell. maybe I should show you the dear "fleischiiie" the name of my wound on the feet xD Well, after the great concert, sutewi had her meet&greet with the band. So I was sitting outside and took some more pictures :)


Hhaha oh well! There were members of a few indie bands outside! They gave me some flyers and some of them talked to me. They were so cute :0!! 
Here are my flyers! Two members of Resist were talking to sutewi and me, when the meet & greet was over. haha they were really nice :3 OH btw, sutewi told me about the m&g...It wasn't really that good...She just got a backstage pass..that's all?!!! I was shocked! 

After sitting in front of Zepp Diver City Tokyo, we took some more pictures. 

The quali isn't that good ;____; but it's an important memory < 3

and of course here is a puri! :D 
we made some. 

le me at the concert :) look at my huge/long hair!! xD magic! ;D

Yesterday we relaxed at the guesthouse...well that's everything we did xD

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