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Freitag, 24. August 2012

Tokyo; Shibuya,Harajuku /Oedo Onsen Monogatari/Tokyo Tower

Haiiiii~ here is the other entry about Harajuku. But not only about that day. I'm going to write also about our trip to the Onsen with the super nice Yucca-san :)
But let me start with Harajuku!
Oh dear..I love it! The people there are looking SO good, the shops are SO cool and the Takeshita Dori is SO small xD But I just love it so much! Want to go back as soon as possible! (tomorrow xD)
First we went to Harajuku, shopping~
how much I love this street for all the fashion there < 3 

After our shopping trip we went to Shinjuku again to meet the beloved Gals, Rox and Charlotte.
Both of them are so cute and nice! But I was really tired, the sun was shinning so hard ._. No karaoke evening for me. Later sutewi decided to come hime with me because she was also a bit tired. But the evening with them was great :3 I'll miss them a lot! 

Here are my gets from Harajuku! :D < 3 
-Not Fall Shoes
-new Hello Kitty Wallet
-gloomy bunny charm
-SexPot Revenge Shirt (designed by yutaka) 
Not that much but I love all my things < 3 

Yesterday we went to Shibuya.
To Tower Records. CD & DVD Heaven~ < 3 
Finally some Visual Kei Stuff!!! (;___ ;) I was so happy!
After that we made puris and went to Harajuku. 
But not that long because sutewi recognized that her Tower Record Bag was missing!!
PANIC! That wasn't funny at all. She has bought a special CD with DVD for a friend..and some other CD's for herself...So sad! As fast as we could, we ran back to the arcade where we took puris and went to the toilet. AND HELL YEAH! I LOVE japanese people! They are so honest! You can't believe it!
After sutewi asked some staffs from the arcade she got her bag!! < 3 LUCKY! 

So here are my gets from that day :)
-ScReW Live DVD & Album
-Golden Bomber Album
-girugamesh Single
-new Shoxx
-Lover's Rock Pants
< 3 

After that we met a friend of sutewi. Yucca-san. She is so nice and sweet! Typical japanese woman. 
We went to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. I was so nervous. I was my first visit in an Onsen! I only knew it from Animes/Mangas! Well, at first everyone looked at us as we were some strangers! xD
That's why we were a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. But after some time I felt so good there! I had no more problems to be naked or something like that! xD The hot water felt s good < 3 It was a good idea to visit an Onsen! big THANKS goes to Yucca-san!
sutewi and me after our dinner :D 
inside the Onsen, with all the restaurants. God it looks so beautiful there. 

After our bath, Yucca-san drove us to the Tokyo Tower. I've never seen the tower before, so it was really interesting for me! So nice from her! < 3 
Aaaand I took some great pictures. The Tower looks so pretty at night! With all the shiny lights!
 Here is the shiny Tokyo Tower :3 

*doki doki* feeling when I saw the Tower and later all the Dog Statues! I just wanted to cry as I saw them...don't know why..

Yucca-san drove us at home and that's all :)


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