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Freitag, 24. August 2012

Tokyo; Shinjuku Government Building

Two days ago we went to the Government Building in Shinjuku. Omg~ High High~I am so high! It was fro free (a really good thing! ;D )
 From the outside. It's a big building, I was so impressed!

 Here is the view from the 45th floor. Tokyo looks so biiiiig and all the houses are looking so tiny..
It's impressing, isn't it? We are just some little brats on this big planet~
More pictures :)

again from the outside.
The weather was really nice that day. 

After the nice tourist trip, it was shopping time~! One more time haha :D
We went to Alta in Shinjuku. OMG so many nice clothes...It's heaveeee~n
Of course we visited the GLAVIL Shop at the Alta. This time sutewi has bought also some things! Not only me xD
Goooood how much I love this brand!
Aaaand another picture with a Staff :D She was so pretty!
OMG guys!!
She asked us if she could take a picture of sutewi and me!!
First moment we were like..."ehhhhh what?!!!"
Now, take a look!!

OMG! I am so happy! She made a blog entry about us! So cute!
After GLAVIL I've bought some clothes at another shop, called, Fernopaa.
So many cool stuff! And again! :D Picture with the fashionable staff! < 3
She made also a picture of us but we didn't find it yet on the blog (;_;)

After the shopping trip we went again to an arcade. sutewi tried to win an alpaca, a BIG alpaca and she did it!! Finally! xD after so many yen and hours! < 3 

That's everything I wanted to tell for this entry :D 
Making another one in a few minutes about our trip to Harajuku.


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