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Freitag, 17. August 2012

Tokyo; Ueno Zoo & Park

This afternoon we went to the Ueno Zoo! :D
It's a nice Zoo with lots of animals. Oh guys, it was so hot! Some animals were just lying in the cages and waited for a cold breeze! Poor cuties D:
Well our favorites at the Zoo were the Pandas < 3 OMG SO CUTE!
Let's start!
silly me posing like an idiot in front of a Panda leg looks like it's broken O_o creepy hahah xD 

 Here comes the PANDA ! * A * Isn't he/she it kawaii?! X)
OMG < 3 it was so cool to see a real panda! I was so happy, like a child!
Panda is way too fabulous for us~

After the Zoo, we went to the Ueno Park. The Park really is beautiful. With the shrines..the nature and the Lotus! O_O I was shocked! They are so big!

I'm really sorry! But I'm not going to write very much about today..I'm really tired (don't know why) and tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! I'm going to see my beloved ScReW again!!! *____ *
So happy! I need all my energy for tomorrow!

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