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Freitag, 28. September 2012

School~! / pre-orders~! < 3

haiii guys!
It's been a while, I'm sorry.
School starts again, my lovely holidays are over and well, I'm somehow really happy to be in school again :3
I like my school and in only 2 years I'll be finish and get my two diplomas~!! < 3
My teachers are very great and nice this year :o and my classmates are..peacefully and funny and...very very gentle? It's so crazy haha everything looks perfect this year! Well almost perrrfect! My cutie freak nikyami isn't in the same class ;_; that's the only sad fact about the new school year...

But! There are so many classmates who are also interested in Japan~ I was shocked when I heard them talking about their interests and hobbies...O A O Even the girl behind me is a "big japan fan". She is very friendly, smart and funny xD" And omg~!! She draws like a goddess~! < 3 
I don't know...there are so many nice people in this school. I really love it! My old school was just the biggest shit in my life..! I really like to go to school now (: Well I have to! My dream is to become a good educator! I have to work hard for it..

I'll have two exams this year.
I have to write english and german exams and an oral exam (I can choose the language 8D yeah~) The exams starts in june I guess...but I'm not sure (c A c;)

Hm what else? Oh the best teacher ever xD
My english an asian. And she is so cool! She loves 9gag, has a very cute panda speaker and well, she is very nice. I'm glad I have a great teacher for my last year with english lessons~

Enough about my school (:

Second topic~

As a few of you maybe know, ScReW and kyary pamyu pamyu are going to release new singles at the same date! < 3 I've visited cdjapan yesterday an well...I did it!

I pre-ordered both singles < 3 and not just some sort of it..not the limited NO! not this time.
I pre-ordered the first press!! o(* A *)o I'll get some specials within my ordered singles < 3

-ScReW "XANADU" first press

-kyary pamyu pamyu "Fashion Monster" first press! 
finally I'm going to have one of kyary's singles < 3
I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to the release date! (2012.10.17)


Freitag, 21. September 2012

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - ファッションモンスター(NEW SINGLE!)

Wonderful News~!! There is a new single coming~ Yeah from kyary pamyu pamyu!! < 3
Release date; 17.10 !! looking forward to it < 3
Here is the beloved new song! It's calling "fashion monster" and it's very cute and cool!
OMG! How lovely~! < 3 
I love the video and I love kyary so much. She looks adorable, cute and very beautiful, doesn't she? < 3
Guess, the new single is also kinda good! I like the sound~ (fashion mooonstaaaaaaaa~) 
The hairy guy and the giant bunny give me the rest XD
I like it! How about you? :3
kyary is still kyary, that's what I really like about her. 
awwww, look at her cute smiling face < 3 love it! 

she is so pretty in her new MV < 3 

love it :3 


Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Okashi Yummy's GIVEAWAY! [sponsored by]

haiiii guys, wonder what??
Yeah I'm going to post again something about another super Giveaway~ :3

This time it's from the very pretty Okashi / Ninoshka. Her blog is lovely and full with very interesting stuff!
You can read stuff like, reviews about make-up circle lenses etc, fashion, and about her daily life (: 
Please take a look because she is a very nice and interesting person! 
Enough talking. What you can win?
You can win/choose a pair of circle lenses, sponsored by
If you want to enter this giveaway~please take a look here;

Good luck for everyone! :3 


Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Coco Caro's second GYARU GIVE AWAY ♥

Haiiii guys!!
Just a short entry about a cute giveaway from the pretty Coco!!
She's a very nice and fashionable gaijin gyaru.
She has many pretty pictures and it's her second giveaway!
Here is what you can win!
Everything looks so shiny~ 
You wanna join this giveaway? :)
For more informations (and if you are interested in her blog?)
Please take a look;

Even if I doesn't need the "Belle Color", I'm very interested in the other things! 
Guess, it's a nice giveaway.
Hope I'm gonna win >.<
Good luck everyone! d(^__~)

Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Extensions by Salon COCO (review) / lazy outfit

It's been a while dear readers, I'm sorry.
My parents weren't here for 4 days and I had to make EVERYTHING, clean the house, take care of the dog and and and~ and my dear nikyami was here for 2 days :D It was so funny < 3
BUT  I'm not going to write about the last week.

It's kinda early to make already a review about my extensions which I've got in Japan but I'll write a first little review. Maybe the quality will change in a few weeks. So I can check every month how the condition is...
Let's start.

First, I'm really happy with my extensions which I made at the Hair Salon COCO in Shibuya (next to the Loft)
The day I've got my extensions! got the hairdresser was so pretty < 3

The quality is amazing! After almost 3 weeks they are still soft and pretty. Well I lost a few single hair but that's kinda normal. (fucking knots after the showers...!) Guess, I have to change my shampoo..~Well it works very good with a conditioner, so don't worry~! d(^___ ^) 
As I said the quality is very good and it seems to be real hair, cause there are already split ends..since the day I've got them xD" No problem, they are still looking good. 
Now a few pictures.
 The first day I've got them. They were so soft and straight! Perrrrfect~! < 3 
 I also made a picture where you can see, how they look like when I didn't use the straightener! 
Even without the straightener..the extensions are looking amazing! No?
It's kinda good because, now I don't have to use the straightener everyday!
Do you hear that hair?! You'll become all healthy hahah

The picture isn't very good but here you can see how they are made!
You can make ponytails, put your hair back without any worries! 
Nobody will see ugly glue or recognize that you have extensions!
No way~ because it looks still beautiful. There is no problem. I'm glad that the extensions are making this way in japan! It's healthy for your hair and it looks good. 

If you have short hair and want to have looooong hair AND you have the chance to go to Japan. Make them in Japan!

A few facts;
-it only took 40 minutes to make them (with only 1 Hairdresser & full head extensions)
-it only costs 10.000 ¥ (around 100€)
-the quality is very good
-you don't need to use the straighter everyday (the extensions fits very well with my real hair)
-the colour of the extensions are exactly the same as my real hair
-it's real hair extensions
-after 3 weeks = very good quality

As you can see, I'm still in love with my long hair < 3

Now my lazy outfit from yesterday

-the GazettE Tour Shirt 2010
-CO&LU pants
had dinner at my cousin :)


Samstag, 8. September 2012

New Room / Outfits~ (*・艸・)

Hello dear readers~
It's been a while and I did a few things the last week! I have to write about some stuff!
First of all!
My new room < 3
My parents decided to renovate my room while I was in Japan. I just choose the colours. I wanted some brown tones. I like the colour brown and well my room need a new colour! Well...they really did it!
They renovated my whole room while I was in Japan! < 3 I really have great parents..! They bought new furnitures and decorations...Only one sad thing, all my posters are now in a bag ( :___:) but it's okay. I'm not going to but many posters on the wall. It was TOO much. I'm still in love with GazettE and my posters of them < 3 but I just want to choose one of the posters and put it on the wall...arg! which one shall I take?! (>x  <) maybe the division poster?? I'm not sure yet (: haha but I put 2 things already on the wall!! my ScReW Towel (bought at the concert in japan) and the picture of me with ScReW at the meet & greet (:  (in cologne). These two things are very important memories for me < 3 

Enough talking! Pictures!! We need Pictures~ 

 my precious ones < 3 

 here you can see the great towel < 3 

 all my mangas find a new place :3
 all the mangas I want to sell! xD
except Dragon Ball!
I saw the room the first time last friday when I went home from Japan...
So it was a biiiig surprise to see the final result~! I was a bit scared because my parents did it all by themselves...without my oppinion, except for the colour. BUT! look at the result. My room is just perrrfect now! Is exactly what I wanted. A pretty room, with lot of space and a adult looking. My old one was so childish and boring...I'm so happy! A big thanks to my parents! Now I know..I can trust them if they ever want to renovate something again xD 
I'm really in love with my room now < 3 happy happy happy~  < 3
Isn't it great?? :3 

Now the outfit pictures :)
-lover's rock pants
-gladnews top
-suicidal cap
I wore it last saturday when I went so the supermarket with my mother. hach~ first time I saw all the unfashionable people from luxembourg again. yeay~

-glavil top
-glavil necklace
-unknown mini skirt with pants underneath
-nofall shoes
On sunday we had lunch with some family members.
I really enjoyed the day! See my family again, told them about my adventures in japan and ate with them. It was kinda funny :3 And I'm in love with this outfit! < 3

-glavil top
-unknown mini skirt
-glavil bag
-glavil necklace
-nofall shoes
On tuesday, I went with my mother to the hairdresser. She needed a new haircut and I just wanted to show my perfect extensions! And all the girls in the hair salon were like: OMG?! It looks SO good! It's a very good quality!" and blaahhh~ haha so many compliments. They were fascinated!
(I will write a review about my extensions next week)

 a lazy, silly picture. I made it on thursday when my cute little otaku nikyami visited me :3
I've missed her so mich (T A T)
Tonight I'm going to have dinner with her in a japanese restaurant~ yamiiii~! < 3

-sexpotrevenge shirt
-mini skirt
-glavil bag
-nofall shoes
-kreepsville666 red eyeballs
-screw bracelet
Yestderay (Friday) I've met the cutest little girl in luxembourg!
my dear alice-chan < 3 She is so adorable! < 3 We hade a funny day in the city and she showed me some asia markets and the fantasy box (a place where you can get mangas! very cheap and new ones!) and a second hand shop for games. We also ate a frozen yoghurt! Of course 8D It's so delicious < 3 yamyam~
I like to spend my time with her < 3 little cutie~

-kyary pamyu pamyu dino shirt
-glavil mini skirt
-super awesome slippers! xD
Today's outfit.
It's kinda warm outside and a lazy day. so that's my comfortable outfit.
hm..but what to wear for tonight's dinner? c.c 
I don't know yet. 

So dear readers?!
How is it?
Aren't my outfits cute/cool/ lovely??? 
They are?!! (O A O)
No..yes? Yes or no?? Please tell me~ haha
I want to know if it looks good or I'm just dreaming ~ x)
I like all of the outfits...and also my slippers! xD

I guess that's everything for today. 
Oh wait!! 
A big thanks to my latest reader/follower!
Thank you so much for following my blog! :D I also took a look at your blogs and they are very lovely!
ducky ;
she's a very cute girl with a lovely panda like hairstyle! (looks so cute!) and she's a big LM.C fan. I like her cute chibi in her header and all her pictures. It's an interesting blog. Please take a look~! :)

first impression was like "Who the hell is this pretty girl??" I visited her blog and BAM!! She's a big ruki fan!! aaaaaaww, many ruki pictures in her entries~ it's like heaven < 3 gooood I'm so happy to have another blog of a big ruki fan! she's a fashionable girl with a very pretty face! She seems to be very nice and cute too and she has so beautiful silver hair now! please take a look too :D 

Big thanks to these two girls! 

Nothing more to say. Only a goodbye,
wish you a nice weekend (^___~) 

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

My Gets from Japan! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

haiiii, it's time to make a post about my beloved gets from Tokyo!
it was the first time in Tokyo for me and dear's a shopping heaven! The shop we've visited the most is GLAVIL. This shop, staff and clothes are the ultimate love. perrrfect for a little rocker heart ♥
but stop with this lovely words! I want to start with my pictures and a short report/description about it :)

Here it comes!
First, all my gets from "Tower Records". This place is awesome! All these beloved CDs and DVDs...I wanted to buy more stuff wallet saied, NO! Well it looks like I didn't buy so many things? But these few things were about 20.000 yen! xD At the end I'm really happy with my gets.
-the GazettE- Division (Album, lim.ed) and spec.Poster
-ScReW-Duality (Album)
-ScReW-Live DVD
-Golden Bomber-Golden Album (Album)
-girugamesh- 絶頂BANG!! (single with live CD)

NOW!! Here are all my gets from GLAVIL 8D
 -Red Shirt, with a devil's tail on the back and Devil horns on the cowl
-White Top, with cuff sleeves and much freedom on the back~
-black shirt- loooooong shirt, quite a dress haha (i love it!!)

 -my two cute mini skirts. the blue one has short pants underneath.
That's what I really love on the japanese skirts. there are often short pants within.

-Cross Necklaces, white/black and red one.

-red Bag, I've bought it last wednesday...our last visit in the shop GLAVIL ;_;

-fluffy mini skirt
-monkey top, with a fluffy tail on the back and cute fluffy ears on the cowl.
I don't remember the name of the shop! I'm so sorry! I' just know that it is inside of Shibuya109.
We saw this cute top and I was like; Shall I buy it?! No...yes...NO!...yes..." after some minutes I was like; HELL yes I want it" xD It's so cute...look at the tiny monkey~! < 3
 -black mini skirt with pants underneath
I'm in love with this mini skirt. sutewi bought it for me. it's perfect under my black glavil shirt (: 

-SexPotRevenge Shirt, designed by Yutaka from Golden Bomber.
I saw this shirt long ago on CDjapan, but it would be very expensive to order it there. because of the shipping...c.c We've visited the SexPotRevenge Shop in Harajuku and I found it there!! I love the Shirt so much < 3 the colours and the cute chibi haha. oh best the whole shop were so many posters of akira (;___;) god, she's so pretty and cool!
 -lovers rock pants.
super comfortable! I like the style of the pants.

 -GladNews shirt.
Super wide shirt. very comfortable and I like the design < 3 It was my first get in Shibuya109!

 -NoFall shoes.
I saw this kind of shoes/sneakers everywhere! even here on the Internet!
I was always like, oh damn...I want these shoes ._." I've got my chance in Japan! >:3
First I wasn't sure about the size..but LL fits perrrrfect (: *lucky*~
they are really soft inside and it's so comfi to walk with them...< 3 

 Now, my CO&LU gets! 
 -white Tshirt
-yellow top
-CO&LU pants
-pink belt
-pink hat
The staff in the CO&LU shop helped me with the complet outfit and made it also for me! She was so nice ;_; I'm kinda sad that I wasn't able to make a picture with her...but at least I've got a picture with another cute staff there :3 *happy again*
They gave me this cute CO&LU bag as a present for my gets :)
It could choose between a yellow and a white one.I've prefered the white one as you can see :Dv
Gooood~ I love CO&LU < 3

Now my little gets :Dv
 -Dolly Wink eyelashes
-eyemazing eyelashes
-Hello Kitty Towel
-2 Pokemon Cases for the Samsung GalaxyS2
-hello kitty wallet
-rilakkuma phone strap
-hello kitty panda costume phone strap
-eyeball pin for the phone
-kreepsville666 eyeballs red
-rilakkuma stickers
-gloomy bunny charm
-cinnamoroll charm
-I've also bought some make-up things but I didn't make a picture of it, sorry~ 

now, my tickets! :D
-concert N°1;
Alice Nine
-concert N°2;
-Ghibli Museum
-Our Puris! :D
I need to put them all on the pc...It will take some time! xD
-cute Purikura Book

I've also bought 2 tights from "tutu anna"
and healthy socks for a perfect skin on the legs xD~
ohhhh asians!< 3 

Well, as you can see, I really enjoyed my trip to japan.
Shopping heaven~ If you really love japanese will buy so many things there! xD
baibai money~ but hello happiness! 
I already miss the fashionable people there~! 
and all the cool clothes...wan!!
I want to go baaaaahack~