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Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Extensions by Salon COCO (review) / lazy outfit

It's been a while dear readers, I'm sorry.
My parents weren't here for 4 days and I had to make EVERYTHING, clean the house, take care of the dog and and and~ and my dear nikyami was here for 2 days :D It was so funny < 3
BUT  I'm not going to write about the last week.

It's kinda early to make already a review about my extensions which I've got in Japan but I'll write a first little review. Maybe the quality will change in a few weeks. So I can check every month how the condition is...
Let's start.

First, I'm really happy with my extensions which I made at the Hair Salon COCO in Shibuya (next to the Loft)
The day I've got my extensions! got the hairdresser was so pretty < 3

The quality is amazing! After almost 3 weeks they are still soft and pretty. Well I lost a few single hair but that's kinda normal. (fucking knots after the showers...!) Guess, I have to change my shampoo..~Well it works very good with a conditioner, so don't worry~! d(^___ ^) 
As I said the quality is very good and it seems to be real hair, cause there are already split ends..since the day I've got them xD" No problem, they are still looking good. 
Now a few pictures.
 The first day I've got them. They were so soft and straight! Perrrrfect~! < 3 
 I also made a picture where you can see, how they look like when I didn't use the straightener! 
Even without the straightener..the extensions are looking amazing! No?
It's kinda good because, now I don't have to use the straightener everyday!
Do you hear that hair?! You'll become all healthy hahah

The picture isn't very good but here you can see how they are made!
You can make ponytails, put your hair back without any worries! 
Nobody will see ugly glue or recognize that you have extensions!
No way~ because it looks still beautiful. There is no problem. I'm glad that the extensions are making this way in japan! It's healthy for your hair and it looks good. 

If you have short hair and want to have looooong hair AND you have the chance to go to Japan. Make them in Japan!

A few facts;
-it only took 40 minutes to make them (with only 1 Hairdresser & full head extensions)
-it only costs 10.000 ¥ (around 100€)
-the quality is very good
-you don't need to use the straighter everyday (the extensions fits very well with my real hair)
-the colour of the extensions are exactly the same as my real hair
-it's real hair extensions
-after 3 weeks = very good quality

As you can see, I'm still in love with my long hair < 3

Now my lazy outfit from yesterday

-the GazettE Tour Shirt 2010
-CO&LU pants
had dinner at my cousin :)



  1. vielen dank für die info <3 der preis is echt unfassbar...und mit diesem post ist auch meine frage nach der machart beantwortet, yay xD

  2. You hair looks so good !!! If they wear a donut ,then they would be a very good one !!*Q* love your lazy outfit looks so stylish !!

  3. Ich bin gespannt wie lange du freude an ihnen haben wirst. Es steht dir auf jeden Fall richtig gut <3

  4. mutsumi; bin froh, dass ich dir (unbewusst) weitergeholfen hab (^__^)

    alice; A DONUT?! XD ehh..well thank you! <3

    nine; dankeschön :3 ich hoffe seeeehr lange. Sicher halten müssten sie 3 Monate. Ne Freundin von mir hatte ihre sogar noch 1-2 Monate länger drin x) bin gespannt.

  5. They look amazing! Please let me know how long they last total because they look really worth it!

  6. Thank you :D
    yeah I'll let you know (:

  7. Woah, such beUtiful extentions! I wish I could get them too >w<

    Your outfit is really awesome too; just loving the CO&LU jeans!

  8. thank you so much <3
    and also for following my blog, makes me sooo happy! <3

    thank you again! :)
    I'm in love with CO&LU (I have to buy some more clothes there next year <3)