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Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

My Gets from Japan! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

haiiii, it's time to make a post about my beloved gets from Tokyo!
it was the first time in Tokyo for me and dear's a shopping heaven! The shop we've visited the most is GLAVIL. This shop, staff and clothes are the ultimate love. perrrfect for a little rocker heart ♥
but stop with this lovely words! I want to start with my pictures and a short report/description about it :)

Here it comes!
First, all my gets from "Tower Records". This place is awesome! All these beloved CDs and DVDs...I wanted to buy more stuff wallet saied, NO! Well it looks like I didn't buy so many things? But these few things were about 20.000 yen! xD At the end I'm really happy with my gets.
-the GazettE- Division (Album, lim.ed) and spec.Poster
-ScReW-Duality (Album)
-ScReW-Live DVD
-Golden Bomber-Golden Album (Album)
-girugamesh- 絶頂BANG!! (single with live CD)

NOW!! Here are all my gets from GLAVIL 8D
 -Red Shirt, with a devil's tail on the back and Devil horns on the cowl
-White Top, with cuff sleeves and much freedom on the back~
-black shirt- loooooong shirt, quite a dress haha (i love it!!)

 -my two cute mini skirts. the blue one has short pants underneath.
That's what I really love on the japanese skirts. there are often short pants within.

-Cross Necklaces, white/black and red one.

-red Bag, I've bought it last wednesday...our last visit in the shop GLAVIL ;_;

-fluffy mini skirt
-monkey top, with a fluffy tail on the back and cute fluffy ears on the cowl.
I don't remember the name of the shop! I'm so sorry! I' just know that it is inside of Shibuya109.
We saw this cute top and I was like; Shall I buy it?! No...yes...NO!...yes..." after some minutes I was like; HELL yes I want it" xD It's so cute...look at the tiny monkey~! < 3
 -black mini skirt with pants underneath
I'm in love with this mini skirt. sutewi bought it for me. it's perfect under my black glavil shirt (: 

-SexPotRevenge Shirt, designed by Yutaka from Golden Bomber.
I saw this shirt long ago on CDjapan, but it would be very expensive to order it there. because of the shipping...c.c We've visited the SexPotRevenge Shop in Harajuku and I found it there!! I love the Shirt so much < 3 the colours and the cute chibi haha. oh best the whole shop were so many posters of akira (;___;) god, she's so pretty and cool!
 -lovers rock pants.
super comfortable! I like the style of the pants.

 -GladNews shirt.
Super wide shirt. very comfortable and I like the design < 3 It was my first get in Shibuya109!

 -NoFall shoes.
I saw this kind of shoes/sneakers everywhere! even here on the Internet!
I was always like, oh damn...I want these shoes ._." I've got my chance in Japan! >:3
First I wasn't sure about the size..but LL fits perrrrfect (: *lucky*~
they are really soft inside and it's so comfi to walk with them...< 3 

 Now, my CO&LU gets! 
 -white Tshirt
-yellow top
-CO&LU pants
-pink belt
-pink hat
The staff in the CO&LU shop helped me with the complet outfit and made it also for me! She was so nice ;_; I'm kinda sad that I wasn't able to make a picture with her...but at least I've got a picture with another cute staff there :3 *happy again*
They gave me this cute CO&LU bag as a present for my gets :)
It could choose between a yellow and a white one.I've prefered the white one as you can see :Dv
Gooood~ I love CO&LU < 3

Now my little gets :Dv
 -Dolly Wink eyelashes
-eyemazing eyelashes
-Hello Kitty Towel
-2 Pokemon Cases for the Samsung GalaxyS2
-hello kitty wallet
-rilakkuma phone strap
-hello kitty panda costume phone strap
-eyeball pin for the phone
-kreepsville666 eyeballs red
-rilakkuma stickers
-gloomy bunny charm
-cinnamoroll charm
-I've also bought some make-up things but I didn't make a picture of it, sorry~ 

now, my tickets! :D
-concert N°1;
Alice Nine
-concert N°2;
-Ghibli Museum
-Our Puris! :D
I need to put them all on the pc...It will take some time! xD
-cute Purikura Book

I've also bought 2 tights from "tutu anna"
and healthy socks for a perfect skin on the legs xD~
ohhhh asians!< 3 

Well, as you can see, I really enjoyed my trip to japan.
Shopping heaven~ If you really love japanese will buy so many things there! xD
baibai money~ but hello happiness! 
I already miss the fashionable people there~! 
and all the cool clothes...wan!!
I want to go baaaaahack~


  1. wow sooo manyy cute gets (*-*)
    how much money did you spend? XD i guess much!! haha
    this time i will have some shopping money toooo im so happpy !! :)

    and omg so many purikura , and i thought i did much during my stays there XD

    oh and did you read my comment on your last post?^^

    take care~

  2. Lovely haul ! =ww=
    I especially love ALL THE CLOTHES you bought! *-*

  3. haiii~! I spent a way..too much money xDD but it was my first time in japan and I don't have the chance to go very often I took my chance and bought everything I fell in love there >:3 <3

    ohh!! I want to see all your gets in your blog :D I like your pictures & your style *_ *

    haha I love making puris! it's so funny x)

    I did! :D next step-->reading your post <3

    thank you so much ^___^

  4. Aww, nichts zu danken fürs folgen xDD meine beweggründe waren so wie deine!
    AH! RUKI. AH der styl ist cool. AH soviele tolle sachen aus japan eingehamst

    aber ernsthaft Q - Q ich bin total neidisch. deine ausbeute ist klasse und aww. ich vermisse japan voll V_V aber ist auch nicht so einfach geld für zusammen zubekommen

    du hast dir die extens reinflechten lassen ne? wollte ich damals auch machen lassen xD nur ich hatte kaum noch geld und keine japanischkenntnisse..und somit hab ichs gelassen *clip in extens streichel* aber sieht auch klasse aus und was nen paar langen haare so ausmachen xD EGOPUSHING!

  5. hahah RUKI FTW <3
    danke 8D ich liiiiiebe meine Klamotten und bereue das viele ausgegebene Geld so gar nicht xD Aber wieder Geld zu sammeln ist schwer ._. dabei möcht ich nächstes jahr wieder hin <3 nja, die zeit läuft! xD

    jap hab ich ^___^ zum glück haben die japanischkenntnisse meiner besten freundin gerade so ausgereicht xDv sind das die, die du gerade drin hast? (silber/pink)? sieht echt gut aus :o

    long hair like a lady! 8D