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Freitag, 21. September 2012

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - ファッションモンスター(NEW SINGLE!)

Wonderful News~!! There is a new single coming~ Yeah from kyary pamyu pamyu!! < 3
Release date; 17.10 !! looking forward to it < 3
Here is the beloved new song! It's calling "fashion monster" and it's very cute and cool!
OMG! How lovely~! < 3 
I love the video and I love kyary so much. She looks adorable, cute and very beautiful, doesn't she? < 3
Guess, the new single is also kinda good! I like the sound~ (fashion mooonstaaaaaaaa~) 
The hairy guy and the giant bunny give me the rest XD
I like it! How about you? :3
kyary is still kyary, that's what I really like about her. 
awwww, look at her cute smiling face < 3 love it! 

she is so pretty in her new MV < 3 

love it :3 



  1. Yeah! I was lookin' through my youtube and saw some kind of preview "Fashion Monster", so I was like: 'oh, cute title, let's check it out!'. I clicked it and I was like OMFGTHATISTOTALYKYARYWITHTHEHAIRANDSTUFF!
    I'm like super Hyped about her bat-hair.

    Ahh, I can't wait *O*

  2. momo; yeah!! exactly! her bait-hair style is so cool! xD she always makes something very special and stylish~<3

    chelsea; another kyary fan! *A* thanks :3

  3. I love kyary, how she's crazy but original! (and cute too!) can't wait for it! ^_^ following each other? :] <3

  4. So true <3 she still is kyary and it doesn't look like she has to force herself.

    sure! :D thank you for following <3