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Freitag, 28. September 2012

School~! / pre-orders~! < 3

haiii guys!
It's been a while, I'm sorry.
School starts again, my lovely holidays are over and well, I'm somehow really happy to be in school again :3
I like my school and in only 2 years I'll be finish and get my two diplomas~!! < 3
My teachers are very great and nice this year :o and my classmates are..peacefully and funny and...very very gentle? It's so crazy haha everything looks perfect this year! Well almost perrrfect! My cutie freak nikyami isn't in the same class ;_; that's the only sad fact about the new school year...

But! There are so many classmates who are also interested in Japan~ I was shocked when I heard them talking about their interests and hobbies...O A O Even the girl behind me is a "big japan fan". She is very friendly, smart and funny xD" And omg~!! She draws like a goddess~! < 3 
I don't know...there are so many nice people in this school. I really love it! My old school was just the biggest shit in my life..! I really like to go to school now (: Well I have to! My dream is to become a good educator! I have to work hard for it..

I'll have two exams this year.
I have to write english and german exams and an oral exam (I can choose the language 8D yeah~) The exams starts in june I guess...but I'm not sure (c A c;)

Hm what else? Oh the best teacher ever xD
My english an asian. And she is so cool! She loves 9gag, has a very cute panda speaker and well, she is very nice. I'm glad I have a great teacher for my last year with english lessons~

Enough about my school (:

Second topic~

As a few of you maybe know, ScReW and kyary pamyu pamyu are going to release new singles at the same date! < 3 I've visited cdjapan yesterday an well...I did it!

I pre-ordered both singles < 3 and not just some sort of it..not the limited NO! not this time.
I pre-ordered the first press!! o(* A *)o I'll get some specials within my ordered singles < 3

-ScReW "XANADU" first press

-kyary pamyu pamyu "Fashion Monster" first press! 
finally I'm going to have one of kyary's singles < 3
I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to the release date! (2012.10.17)



  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great school year and make a lot of new friends! I'm happy for you!

  2. yeah! it really seems like it! :D
    thank youu! <3