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Montag, 3. September 2012

Tokyo; Division, Shibuya / Hair Salon COCO, Shibuya /last night in Tokyo

let's start with my last days in Tokyo. It's so sad..

Last wednesday, we've planed to search the Hair Salon COCO in Shibuya for my extensions which I wanted so badly! But the first direction was Tower Records~ It was the release date for the new Album of the GazettE! OMG!! I was so excited! < 3
this biiiiig commercial was in front of the Tower Records! < 3 awwww the new PV!! muha I took the perrrrfect picture..look at ruki's mouth 8D such a pretty little man! 
We ran inside and got the limited Edition of the new Album "Division"! 
my review for the album will come soon! 
here is the master piece! 
it's so big and heavy~!! the photographs inside are really beautiful! 
Guys, you did it the right way! like always (also with your new songs ;) ) 

After this very happy moment! we went to the hair salon! FINALLY! after such a long time I had to wait but...they didn't have any time for me DX lucky me got a rendez-vous for the next day (thursday) 8D 

We left the Salon and went againg to the gorgeous Shibuya 109. How much I love this shopping heaven! 
Glavil~here we are again! 8D like every time we visited Glavil, we've bought some clothes. 

aaaaand a picture with the beautiful and cool staff there < 3 She was so awesome! v(* ___  *) 
and she made a picture of us~ again! xD we are again in the blog!
we are famous 8D thahahah~ I already miss the GLAVIL shop ;^; the pretty/cool clothes there...mau ;_;
here is a puri after our little shopping trip :D (muha...baibai short hair...!) 

my biiiiiiiiig dream became true! < 3
we went to the Hair Salon COCO and I've got them!!!
I've got my extensions!!
the hairdresser I had was so pretty! and her style was amazing :O fashionable people everywhere! < 3
She made them so perfect and it only took about 40 minutes for my whole head O A O We were surprised!! AND! best thing it only costs 10.000 Yen!! (100€!!!) that's very cheap!! 
I was so damn happy!! finally I've got my long hair < 3
aren't they pretty?! 
I love them! The quali is very good and they are looking very pretty too. 
I can sleep without pain on my head...aaaaand I'm just happy < 3 
If you want to have extensions and you plan to go to japan. MAKE THEM THERE! It's cheaper and better for your hair! ;)  Salon COCO in Shibuya ftw! 

In the evening we went to a delicious restaurant with the very nice kuga-san. the food was so good! *_  *
a friend of sutewi went with us and we had lots of fun :Dv the last night started! oh...I drank a whole bottle of sake..(the bottles aren't sooo big BUT it tastes very good x) ) 
After the dinner we went to a karaoke bar near the guesthouse and played for about 2 hours! xD some more friends joined us and we had many laugh attacks! xD the last night in Tokyo was perrrfect :) 
sutewi and me sang a few duetts xD songs like "Monsoon"-Tokio Hotel (yeah! we did it again! xD) "In the End"-Linkin Park and "PonPonPon"-kyary pamyu pamyu. I've sang also a few songs with some of the guys. it was very funny...I'm gonna miss them all (;_ ;)
that's how my last night in Tokyo took an end...
I had a great time there and I've enjoyed every minute! 
I've met many new friends and laugh so much! I like the whole atmosphere in Tokyo/Japan. The people there are so different from here...even if they have a distance to each other, they are very gentle, helpful and strong. And one thing is for sure, I want to go back as soon as possible! Back to the guesthouse, the very nice kuga-san and to all the friendly and fashionable pepole there. It's like I was free from any stress! Japan is a wonderland. maybe I can go back next year. not sure if it will be in spring or summer. (money come to me~) 

Friday morning~ we took our flight back to Germany, where my parents and sutewi's dad were waiting. lucky us, the Zoll didn't take any notice of us! 8D after the baibai, I drove back home, Luxembourg yey! It's so cold here! (> x <;)

I'm gonna make a post about ALL my gets! :) wait for it~ 



  1. Your hair looks AMAZING! Awe, but I'm sad you'll be leaving. Japan will miss you!

  2. thank you! :D
    japanese extensions ftw! v(* _ *)
    I'm already missing japan ._. I'm happy to be back home with my family and my cute pets and friends haha, but I'm also sad...I want to go back as soon as possible but I don't know when it will be...

  3. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm sorry but I am so late to write a comment back...But i hope you like my comment! If you want please check out my new post! Its about my boyfriends visit in Germany!♥
    There are also more news :) I would be happy if you check it out ! THANKS

    wow looks like you had much fun!!
    and do you know what ? im planning to get extensios in japan too XD
    but maybe not in shibuya...maybe in harajuku!! its a little cheaper there but also good quality!!
    im so excited ><
    and your extensios look good on you (*_*) how long can you keep them? i never want to take mine out i think (;_;)

  4. wahhhhhh! I'm so happy about your comments! I really love your blog and your posts! <3 *little fan* I will read your new post :D

    Yeah I had a great time :)
    uhaaa!! First I wanted to make them in harajuku too xD at the hair salon "megatrend" but we didn't find it...;_; but I'm happy with mine, so it's okay :D about 3 months? maybe longer..I don't want to take them out ;_; I love this extensions so much! the quality is really good and I've got long hair! ;_; dream became true haha

    uha! I'm looking forward to your pictures with the extensions *_ *

    thanks for the biiig comment! <3