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Samstag, 1. September 2012

Tokyo; Nice Day with Nao/Park/ Ikebukuro, Cat Café~

soooo guys. I'm already back in Luxembourg but I'm goint to write about my last days in Tokyo now.
I hope my dear readers are still alive and interested (?)

Last tuesday I went to a beautiful park with my new friend Nao. It was a nice place, so peacefully < 3 
I was happy that he showed me a nice place like this in this biiiiig city~ I know that there are some other nice places, also shrines and temples but the park was kinda different :) I don't know. 
So we searched a pretty place to sit down and relax! 
look how pretty our place was :D 

We enjoyed the hot weather and after some realxing time~ he asked me to draw something. Okay~
I've drew a manga face...xD" after that it was his turn to draw something. He showed me his other drawings...SO funny and cute! xD
It's not bad! the colourful things are balloons! He wants to learn to draw. I think he's a really great person because he's so motivated of learning new things...
the balloons are a way too cute x)

We made jokes about some ducks which were swimming in the lake...I don't know why but they were funny xD happens...! 
one of the ducks jumped out of the water and stared at us...It was kinda creepy! haha

Poor Nao was a bit tired that day :/ but he wanted to show me Ikebukuro too! So we left the park after an hour? I don't remember, and took the train to Ikebukuro. I like it! We've visited some shops and watched the streets until the big idea came! 
"Were you already in a Cat Café?"
He showed me an awesome Cat Café in Ikebukuro! The Cat Café "299" < 3
It's a place with a room full of mangas, magazines, games and sofas. You can just relax there, use the internet, eat or drink and enjoy the time there with cute cats! (*___ *) You can play and cuddle with them < 3 It's such a great place! OMG! < 3 and the cats there are so sweet! 

At the beginning there were just a few cats...7 I think....but after some time the staff there brought more and more cats xD At the end there were about 15 or 18 cats! We gave some cats names..muha!!(they have already names and there are books with all the informations about every cat)
This is "Fluffy". He slept for 2 hours!! Dx He didn't see him stand up! 
muha...the staff put some cute clothes on the cats! xDD even if they sleep!

that's the "nosebleed cat" because of the mark under his nose :3

here is the "big fluffy guy" his fur was so soft!! (* A *) 

"Skinny" this cat was kinda skinny..but at least healthy skinny! :O The staff was very nice to the cats and looked very well after them! 
hahah but look at the face of Skinny...-not amused- xDD
"big Panther" Such a beautiful and big cat!! D: I've never seen such a cat before!

his little brother "poor kitty" haha I think he was really ashamed of the blue thing...xD

-Dear Staff...Let us in and give us some food ;^ ;-
staff; No!
so cute < 3 
look at the t-shirt cat! xD

I enjoyed my time with Nao! I really did! :) He's a really nice guy who showed me a wonderful part of Tokyo. We had so much fun and a great time. Thank you Nao! < 3 


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