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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Xanadu & ファッションモンスター ♥//Outfits

I'm very sorry for my little break!
I was very busy because of my school and my real life 8D
Well, I'm still tired from last night. It was the "Fright Night" in a cinema...Horror Movies the whole night! (I'm gonna make a review about the night this week)
fuhh..I need to take a rest~! (again xD)

But I only want to show you my beloved Singles, which I've got last week < 3
 See what I've got! My first press singles arrived < 3 I'm so happy~!
I love Fashion Monster and Xanadu so much! < 3 Also the other songs on the cd's.
And the tiny specials I've got ;) 
Xanadu; You could get any member as CD and look who I've got!! That's kinda destiny! ジン♥
I was so crazy and happy when I've opened the case!! And how beautiful he looks there!! * 3 *
And I've got also a special card (the band is on the other side. )
 Fashion Monster; It's so cute! I've got a signed tiny picture of kyary! < 3
big suprise! 
 Here you can see the other cover of Xanadu~ I can change it *g* 

Now two Outfit pictures :3
-Top; NewYorker
-Jacket; body line
-Skirt; unknown brand
-Boots; unknown brand

As you can see...I have some unknown brands.
Guess, I don't give that much on famous brands (I know! Seems like I have a lot of japanese brands but that's not true) I only was able to get them finally in Japan. I love GLAVIL, tutuHA, CO&LU galaxxxy, GladNews or Sex Pot Revenge. But I don't have that much! (money~where are you??)
Well I like "normal" clothes/brands. they have pretty things too ;)
just sayin~!

-Top; NewYorker
-Skirt; unknown
-tights; tutuanna
-Shoes; NoFall
I like this outfit a lot!
But there are some people here in Luxembourg acting so weird when they saw me wearing it -__-
That sucks! There are short pants in the skrit! I wore tights! No pumps or naughty boots!
You can't see my boobs or anything! That's what I hate so much here. You can't wear "special" clothes here. (this outfit isn't that special!) People calling me slut, or old men saying sth to me!
That's so disgusting! In Japan you can wear whatever you want! They think you are cute! And not even think about the word "whore"

You have to be kinda afraid of going out like this in Luxembourg. 
Stupid people..stupid people everywhere!

Well, just sayin xD
This fact makes me so angry!


Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Aachen~/ Outfits aaand..~

Last saturday my father went with me to Aachen. He wanted to go there for soooo long.
It was a holy day~ < 3 My father had a super good mood and always asked me; Do you want this? -Do you need this? -I'll buy it!" I was like; Holy shit what happened to my father? Oo"
I've only paid my tops from "newyorker" xD" as I was a holy day for me!
We went to some shops which my father wanted to visit and after that we went to every single shop which interested me! BUY ALL THE THINGS!!
Well..I guess it's time to show you what I've got ;)

-4 Mangas, genius me..I've bought "di(e)ce" and read it this afternoon..I don't get the story...It was like something already happened and I've missed it. I closed the Manga looked at it's the second volume?! DX I've bought the second volume and not the first...graaaaaarw...-___-" but it seems to be a good manga :Dv
-new hair dryer
-new Game, "Agarest 2" I'll make a review about it later 8D
 -new tops from "newyorker"
It was love at the first sight o(*---*)o
well the white one is quite simple but I needed one.
Never tought I would find such cool clothes there :o
 Look at my new boots!!
(above) aren't they pretty < 3 I saw them in a very tiny shop. I've always wanted boots like this < 3
aaaand my cool rocker boots thaha~ awwww I love them!! so stylish. I've searched for these kind of boots so long! and they were always a way too expensive..but these ones were cheap enough for my dad ^__~ 

aaaand taadaaaaa~I've got the new Pokemon Black2!! (*_____*)
I've pre-ordered it from amazon < 3 so much love...even if I didn't play it yet xD"
but tonight!!

Nice gets, don't you think so?

Now my saturday's outfit; 
-top; GladNews
-black mini skirt
-winter boots
-black tights
-death note watch necklace (from MeltyWish)
long hair ftw < 3

And another outfit and random pictures :3
 -Top; fernopaa
-mini skirt; GLAVIL
-tights; tutuanna
-shoes; nofall
-necklace; GLAVIL
I kinda love my outfit < 3


The laste picture was made by nikyami.
I was her model for a homework. She needed pictures of a model with a precious item.
I've choose my Uchiwa from ScReW :3 because I love the band and the uchiwa is an important memory for me. (and it's the one which ジン've designed :D ) Guess, she likes this picture the most. There are some more pictures but have to wait for them..maybe~


Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Frau-Rockstar's FIRST GIVEAWAY~!!

haiiiii guys~!

The beautiful and very cool frau rockstar is making her first giveaway~\(*_ *)
She has 200 followers~! That's kinda great! Her blog is very lovely, I like her design, her entries and her style! She's a nice person, please visit her blog! < 3 

And here is what you can win~!
There are many pretty things which I really want! A very good first giveaway :3 

If you want to join, please take a look; 

Good luck guys~! 


Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

MeltyWish OnlineShop Review~。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

haiiiii readers~!
Today I'm gonna make a short review about a new online shop which name is;
Two very nice girls are making cute and beautiful accessories.
Short information;
"Kawaii hand-made jewelry from two cute girls, own designed and made with love.All is unique, you can't get one thing twice only a simmilar one. Inspiered by japanese streetfashion, great for Fairy Kei, Lolita & Pop Kei. Made by LizJuice and LadyJuice ~"

First I want to show you what I've bought there.

I've ordered the first time a few months ago. The two of them have instagram where I saw some selfmade phone charms. They looked so cute! So I've wrote the dear LizJuice and ordered three cute charms for my Samsung. 

Here are the three cute charms. The quality is very good! Especially for the sushi and the cake!
They made it with love ;) 
and with cute details.

So, before I went to Japan, I saw a cool necklace on her instagram!
It was a necklace with a special Death Note Watch!!
Love at first sight! 
But because of Japan I wasn't able to spend my money on it..I've asked LizJuice about the necklace and she reserved it for me! She is a very nice person and gives you always an answer to your questions! ;)
btw, the other designer has also fb;

She asked me of I could make a review about the shop which she opened not that long ago. 
I said "YES" and well she surprised me! :O
I've got some sepcials within my order!
Not only the necklace but also another necklace, a pair of earrings and a beautiful bracelet.
Evrything is selfmade; 
Here are my latest gets from the lovely shop!
She sent the package last Thursday and I've got it yesterday. Quite fast!
I was really happy to hold it!
 Within the accessories, there was a letter inside the package (everything was alright with the package, it looked good and safe) The letter was very cute too!
 Look how nice my gets are packed in.
(shitty english xD don't give a fuck..)

 Here they are;
-she did the bracelet with my wishs of colours
-sakura necklace, I just love it, it looks so pretty!
-kuma earrings. usually I don't wear earrings but these ones are looking so cute! I have to wear them.
That's what I've got as a thanks for this review! As I said before, the girls are very very nice!

 And here is my order!
I'm in love with this necklace. I wore it today and everybody was like; OMG?! What is this?! It looks so cool?!" ;) 
 best thing, there is a watch inside the death note! 

Some Pics~

So far my dear readers.
Now some informations and my opinion.
-the accessories in the shop are very lovely! they are made with lots of details and love
-the prices are fair!
-the designer are very nice and you can ask them for your personal wishes
-the quality of the items are quite good
-the items are looking very cute and well made
Result, this wasn't my last order in this shop. Everything worked so fine, the designer are nice, the prices are fair and the items are looking sooooo cute < 3 
I'm happy that I've found a cute shop like this. 

Are you interested?? Please take a look; 

Or want you to contact the designers?
They have also blogs, take a look,

Guess, that's all what I've to tell you about the shop. Please visit the online shop and take a look (:
It is really a good one~! 


Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Kawaii International~(Gyaru Meet 2k12 @SBY)

haiiiii guys~!
So today, I'm going to show you our little part of the latest kawaii international episode~!
While we were in Tokyo, we had a great gyaru meet in Shibuya~! You can read everything about the meet here,
And well, a crew of kawaii international filmed us the whole day! (around 7 hours) Well our part in the episode took only 4 minutes ;^; BUT guys!! I love it xD The episode came out the last weekend. I watched it with tears in my many memories came up to my mind with the report. goood, I want to go back.
First, if you want to know more about the show; kawaii international !

Now, the glory part of our gyaru meet~! :D

Sorry for the shaking and the stupid sound at the beginning..(;^; ) but my SGS2 did a good job..!

Hope you like it! It was a very funny you can see at my stupid face..~
I had so much fun..

Let's see some screenshots which sutewi made :D

 Ohhh who are these beauties~ :D 
Rox and Charlotte
First time we met them < 3 
 hahah, guys...Again, I don't call myself a gyaru...and my first impression was like:
"I have no idea what I'm doing here.."
well~best thing "LUXEMBOURG GYARU" It's time to search luxembourg on the map~
 at a gyaru cafe, called 10sion~ 
Our group having a good time~
 this f****** game!!
I lost every single time..and well the loser had to make a funny face into the camera 8D 
 silly me..and laughing sutewi is laughing~xD

 tatadaaaa~le me while le last interview~ 8D
They took mine...can't believe it.. why me??
 "kawaii international"