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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Aachen~/ Outfits aaand..~

Last saturday my father went with me to Aachen. He wanted to go there for soooo long.
It was a holy day~ < 3 My father had a super good mood and always asked me; Do you want this? -Do you need this? -I'll buy it!" I was like; Holy shit what happened to my father? Oo"
I've only paid my tops from "newyorker" xD" as I was a holy day for me!
We went to some shops which my father wanted to visit and after that we went to every single shop which interested me! BUY ALL THE THINGS!!
Well..I guess it's time to show you what I've got ;)

-4 Mangas, genius me..I've bought "di(e)ce" and read it this afternoon..I don't get the story...It was like something already happened and I've missed it. I closed the Manga looked at it's the second volume?! DX I've bought the second volume and not the first...graaaaaarw...-___-" but it seems to be a good manga :Dv
-new hair dryer
-new Game, "Agarest 2" I'll make a review about it later 8D
 -new tops from "newyorker"
It was love at the first sight o(*---*)o
well the white one is quite simple but I needed one.
Never tought I would find such cool clothes there :o
 Look at my new boots!!
(above) aren't they pretty < 3 I saw them in a very tiny shop. I've always wanted boots like this < 3
aaaand my cool rocker boots thaha~ awwww I love them!! so stylish. I've searched for these kind of boots so long! and they were always a way too expensive..but these ones were cheap enough for my dad ^__~ 

aaaand taadaaaaa~I've got the new Pokemon Black2!! (*_____*)
I've pre-ordered it from amazon < 3 so much love...even if I didn't play it yet xD"
but tonight!!

Nice gets, don't you think so?

Now my saturday's outfit; 
-top; GladNews
-black mini skirt
-winter boots
-black tights
-death note watch necklace (from MeltyWish)
long hair ftw < 3

And another outfit and random pictures :3
 -Top; fernopaa
-mini skirt; GLAVIL
-tights; tutuanna
-shoes; nofall
-necklace; GLAVIL
I kinda love my outfit < 3


The laste picture was made by nikyami.
I was her model for a homework. She needed pictures of a model with a precious item.
I've choose my Uchiwa from ScReW :3 because I love the band and the uchiwa is an important memory for me. (and it's the one which ジン've designed :D ) Guess, she likes this picture the most. There are some more pictures but have to wait for them..maybe~



  1. khee :3 ds schwarze top mit dem Totenkopf von New Yorker hab ich auch :3
    Du bist voll hübsch ;__; ♥

  2. das top hat mich sofort angesprochen! ich war verwundert, dass new yorker sowas hat :O

    aww vielen dank (> x <) <3

  3. You look cute! And i love the shoes omg.


  4. thank you so much!

    I like your blog *proud follower* ;) <3

  5. everybody has to love pokemon!! 8D
    thank you :D