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Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Kawaii International~(Gyaru Meet 2k12 @SBY)

haiiiii guys~!
So today, I'm going to show you our little part of the latest kawaii international episode~!
While we were in Tokyo, we had a great gyaru meet in Shibuya~! You can read everything about the meet here,
And well, a crew of kawaii international filmed us the whole day! (around 7 hours) Well our part in the episode took only 4 minutes ;^; BUT guys!! I love it xD The episode came out the last weekend. I watched it with tears in my many memories came up to my mind with the report. goood, I want to go back.
First, if you want to know more about the show; kawaii international !

Now, the glory part of our gyaru meet~! :D

Sorry for the shaking and the stupid sound at the beginning..(;^; ) but my SGS2 did a good job..!

Hope you like it! It was a very funny you can see at my stupid face..~
I had so much fun..

Let's see some screenshots which sutewi made :D

 Ohhh who are these beauties~ :D 
Rox and Charlotte
First time we met them < 3 
 hahah, guys...Again, I don't call myself a gyaru...and my first impression was like:
"I have no idea what I'm doing here.."
well~best thing "LUXEMBOURG GYARU" It's time to search luxembourg on the map~
 at a gyaru cafe, called 10sion~ 
Our group having a good time~
 this f****** game!!
I lost every single time..and well the loser had to make a funny face into the camera 8D 
 silly me..and laughing sutewi is laughing~xD

 tatadaaaa~le me while le last interview~ 8D
They took mine...can't believe it.. why me??
 "kawaii international"



  1. Oh das ist so gemein, dass ich nicht wusste, wann und wo das gezeigt wurde -.-°
    werde ich das Video jemals sehen können irgendwo???
    und dein Facebook video funktionert auch nicht....
    bye bye ^^°

  2. Hm, ich hab das Video jetzt mal auf öffentlich bei fb gestellt (:
    Versuch bitte nochmal es anzuschauen und geb mir bescheid falls es immer noch nicht geht.