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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Xanadu & ファッションモンスター ♥//Outfits

I'm very sorry for my little break!
I was very busy because of my school and my real life 8D
Well, I'm still tired from last night. It was the "Fright Night" in a cinema...Horror Movies the whole night! (I'm gonna make a review about the night this week)
fuhh..I need to take a rest~! (again xD)

But I only want to show you my beloved Singles, which I've got last week < 3
 See what I've got! My first press singles arrived < 3 I'm so happy~!
I love Fashion Monster and Xanadu so much! < 3 Also the other songs on the cd's.
And the tiny specials I've got ;) 
Xanadu; You could get any member as CD and look who I've got!! That's kinda destiny! ジン♥
I was so crazy and happy when I've opened the case!! And how beautiful he looks there!! * 3 *
And I've got also a special card (the band is on the other side. )
 Fashion Monster; It's so cute! I've got a signed tiny picture of kyary! < 3
big suprise! 
 Here you can see the other cover of Xanadu~ I can change it *g* 

Now two Outfit pictures :3
-Top; NewYorker
-Jacket; body line
-Skirt; unknown brand
-Boots; unknown brand

As you can see...I have some unknown brands.
Guess, I don't give that much on famous brands (I know! Seems like I have a lot of japanese brands but that's not true) I only was able to get them finally in Japan. I love GLAVIL, tutuHA, CO&LU galaxxxy, GladNews or Sex Pot Revenge. But I don't have that much! (money~where are you??)
Well I like "normal" clothes/brands. they have pretty things too ;)
just sayin~!

-Top; NewYorker
-Skirt; unknown
-tights; tutuanna
-Shoes; NoFall
I like this outfit a lot!
But there are some people here in Luxembourg acting so weird when they saw me wearing it -__-
That sucks! There are short pants in the skrit! I wore tights! No pumps or naughty boots!
You can't see my boobs or anything! That's what I hate so much here. You can't wear "special" clothes here. (this outfit isn't that special!) People calling me slut, or old men saying sth to me!
That's so disgusting! In Japan you can wear whatever you want! They think you are cute! And not even think about the word "whore"

You have to be kinda afraid of going out like this in Luxembourg. 
Stupid people..stupid people everywhere!

Well, just sayin xD
This fact makes me so angry!



  1. Haha I know!
    Wearing 'normal' stuff from Japan still makes you feel like a freak.

    Just wait 2years and people will run around like this as well! xD

    Happend to me each time I was in Japan.
    Two years later the stuff I bought there was in here...

    Totally love the second outfit <3

  2. Shizuka;
    Exactly! It's always the same. First, they laugh out the new styles but after a year they are wearing it! -__- fu** logic! xD

    thank you :3

  3. ahhhhhh Jin *.*
    wie genial!!! Da hätte ich mich natürlich auch mehr als gefreut~

  4. Here in Spain is the same, people look at you and they say a lot of shit about you, it doesn´t matter if you wear only a t-shirt and a skirt, because you don´t look "normal".
    I realy hate that people, but I´ll wear what I want~
    Japan is so diferent ♥
    Well, don´t hear that people, sweetie ♥ Be perfect, as you are ^-^

    WAAAA!! I love so much the second outfit *^* and I don´t knew that jacket from Bodyline, is in the online store? o.ó

    I agree with you, you can buy some really cute things in "normal" stores :3

    (hope you can understand my bad english, haha ^^U)


  5. nine; jah, das war die geilste Überraschung o(*__*)o

    andrea san; I understood everything ;) and you are right. If you don't look like all the others, you aren't "normal" but what's normal nowadays? I don't even want to be like the others "normal"
    Thank you for your sweet words :) <3

  6. I love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!!

    Nice skull top <3