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Freitag, 23. November 2012

Dear Readers (◕‿◕✿)

haiiiiiiii guys~!!
So today I'm gonna make something special!
I've never did this kind of entry before.
As you can see, I've 74 readers right now!!
I'm really happy to see so many people who are interested in my blog!!

So I've got a new idea. 
I've got many comments and messages about how you much like my style/outfits.
That's very cute and it feels good to hear/read all your cute and nice comments!! 
You guys encouraged me to write new entries and to go on! I've never got so many nice and cute comments about myself (my person, my appearance...) There are times I'm just thinking, are so ugly! And such a bit loser! You don't have a special style or something!"

BUT, everytime I read your comments..I totally forget about those thoughts. Guess, I'm not that popular, not that "stylish" and also not that pretty at all! Whatever your comments, opinions make me think about myself kinda hard! They are making me happy, I'm feeling good the way I am. I don't need to be called, "Visu, Gyaru, Emo or whatever!" I don't hate those categories/styles, no no no! I just don't call myself like them. Because I don't live completely one of these lifestyles. Even without..there are people calling me "special, cute, stylish" That brings me to think of kyary pamyu pamyu and why I'm so deep in love with her and her style! She makes her own way of style! She doesn't call herself, gyaru or something. She wears whatever she wants to! I respect her and the way she presents herself! She makes funny and stupid pictures, with and without make up! She writes whatever she's thinking. 
It may sounds kinda naive but I like to compare myself to her. (hope you understand in which way I meant this!) 

Way too much talking! I'm a bit chatty today, I'm sorry!! (; `  ;)

So far!! Now my idea.
It's your turn guys! ;)
I would like to hear/ read your opinions! That means~
You can choose about which topic I'm gonna write in my next entry~!!
For example;
-Outfits / Make Up (you can choose which style I should try!)
-personal things

You can tell me all your wishes/ideas!! I'm open for everything ( ecchi things!! ;) )

Please write a comment with your opinion about this idea, about your wish/idea.
I will choose one of them or the one which were written many many times!
Hope you guys like the idea and you will write some ideas!

Oh! Don't think I've no ideas for new entries, not at all~ There are still things I want to write about.
I just want to give my loyal readers a chance to work with me on a new entry and to make something just for your wishes.
Please write me! I'm listening! (^_-)≡★

Only one more thing!
A big THANKS goes to one of my cute readers! She wrote me a very cute message on twitter ! I'm really happy that I have such cute readers!

 after this comment, I've write a bit with her and she gave me so many compliments...
Thank you SO much!!
(hope it's okay, that I post your message here < 3
censored your picture and name so that nobody will stalk you ;) )

Guys! I'm happy!
Thank you!

Freitag, 16. November 2012

baibai extensions~! / Outfits/Pics (。・ω・。)

haiiii guys~! I'm so sorry for the long waiting! There are so many things to do for me at the moment. First of all, school! But also my japanese classes (I'm gonna write in the next entry about it :D ) and! I've to plan everything for the next trip to Japan~! < 3 I'm very excited! Well! Let's start.

As the title may say, my extensions are gone (;^; ) I'm not that sad about but it was cool to have long hair! (even if they were sometimes annoying! ) So I'm gonna write a tiny end "review" about the extensions from the hair Salon COCO in Shibuya. The extensions had a very good quality, guess I didn't had the right products to treat them. But I was able to wear them about almost 3 month. Well, I expected to wear them a bit longer Oo kinda disappointed..BUT it was almost time to take them out! I had lot of hair knots between my head (my grwoing own hair) and the extensions! It was painful!
I was happy to take them out...My own hair is now short (again ) but they are so soft and good looking...I'm glad :D 

At least I want to say, the extensions were good! It wasn't a mistake to get them! They looked good. It's normal that they didn't look that good after a few weeks! Always are wearing death hair on your head. You can't heal them! You know what I mean? xD
Well, only if you have real hair extensions..

First, I felt strange without the long something was missing on my neck, my shoulders and head..I felt so light..~

So I went to my beloved hairdresser and told her my idea and the result made me so f**** happy!
That's how my hair looks right now (:
What do you think?

Sorry for the bad/stupid picture !

After looking in the mirror at the hair salon I recognized that the colours and the style are kinda like the one kanako had a while ago (人´∀`*)
Well..the haircut isn't the same but I'm satisfied (^____~)

One more thing..I really enjoyed the first time washing and drying my short hair!!
It felt so good!! (*___*)
just like this..xD
short hair ftw~ < 3 

More Pictures of my new hairstyle will follow :)
Now some Pictures! 
Enjoy~ and tell me what you think about them  

My beloved GLAVIL by tutuHA outfit < 3
I'm in love with the brand. (looking forward to see the shops again next year >8D moneeeey~)
That was my "before halloween night" outfit :3

-Top, Skirt & necklace ; Glavil
-Socks & boots; unknown

I really love this outfit even if the skirt is a way TOO short 8D

well, I've tried the same outfit last week again with new hairstyle, my necklace and my lovely and cool hairband from Coffin Candy~!! I'll make a review about the shop in one of my next entries. Keep looking ;) 

 monkeeey L. Ania ~ 
*ba dum tss* 
I like the shirt because it's so cute and has fluffy ears and a tail 8D
I don't remember the brand of the top..!
but at least...there are other friends of the same top (*^ *)

ahhh a picture with long hair again ;^; haha
my dog loves to be a photobomg you know? ~___ ~;
 Top; C&A
Skirt; unknown from japan
Socks; H&M
Boots; unknown
handycase; Pokemon Center
tadahhhh~again..< 3 I've found the picture by coincidence in one of sutewi's magazines!
gahhhh, so happy *^*
guess it looks cutter on her.. _ _"
Oh, it's one of my favorite autumn/winter outfits. It's pretty, comfortable and I'm not getting cold *^*
(when I put my coat or jacket on ! )

Time to say, good night~!!
Thank you for following & reading my blog! < 3

Samstag, 3. November 2012

Halloween 2012♥ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

haiiiiiii guys~!
So one of my favorite days in the year is already sad! I'm talking about; HALLOWEEN~!
I'm in love with this special day since my childhood. Horrormovies, creepy costumes...Not like carnival! Halloween is a creepy day for me...~ So this year was just awesome! Almost perfect!

I went to my freaky nikyami and spent the night there...
-First, we made our awesome bloody shirts (on the following pictures).
-Secondly, we made our awesome hamburgers!! xD Every single time when we spent our time together, we're making hamburgers. And damn! They are always so delicious~ < 3
-Thirdly, it was destiny~! (love the word 8D) Paranormal Activity was on TV! I love the movies...Well the first and the second part. Part 3 & 4 are a bit too much...Creepy but good movies must know their limits! (hope you know what I mean xD) The movie is so creepy..that's a real horror movie. Not like SAW! God damn, I kinda hate saw -___-" It isn't a horror's only blood...blood...blood..and wait..Blood? Real horror movies don't need that much of blood..Well! We watched PA and was scary xD
-Fourthly, the scary part started! xD We wanted to become creepy creatures...Well, my plan was to be a creepy School Girl! :3 (hope I did it the right way)
-Fifthly, after our creepy horror shooting in nikyamis garden...we went inside and make some more pictures, and put all the make up and the clothes off. Pyjama time~! 8D After that we watched sth on the TV and on her PC. Guess..we watched some videos of PewDiePie. (this SO awesome xD)

That was my halloween :3 Kinda relaxing. But in my opinion halloween isn't a day to put cute or stupid clothes on, to go out and drink with all idiots. You can make party every day! And don't forget carnival ;) Some of you may think I'm very lazy or childish..whatever! It's my own opinion! Halloween is a day with a creepy atmosphere. Horror Movies, creepy stories and costumes are just perrfect~! < 3

Now, some creepy pictures of my halloween Outfit! 
(I want to know your opinion about it! ;3)
creepy school girl~
As I said before, the Shirt is selfmade.
The rest of the costume is my school uniform from bodyline
and my kreepsville666 hair asseccories~

I made the whole make up by myself. It was my first try with a creepy look and I was kinda satisfied with it :) what do you think?
Oh! I also used one false eyelash (from Dolly Wink)

with my cute nikyami :3 < 3 
two idiots xD 
it's always so funny with her (^____^)
We are so hot...aren't we? ;D
look at her face!! She was SO damn creepy!! xD
another picture of the whole outfit :)
I don't have the garden pictures yet...(hope nikyami doesn't forget them! >:8 thaha)

As I said before, my Halloween was almost perfect. We had so much fun, and scary moments too.

So guys, how was your halloween~? 
Were you afraid?
Did you have fun??
I really hope so