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Freitag, 23. November 2012

Dear Readers (◕‿◕✿)

haiiiiiiii guys~!!
So today I'm gonna make something special!
I've never did this kind of entry before.
As you can see, I've 74 readers right now!!
I'm really happy to see so many people who are interested in my blog!!

So I've got a new idea. 
I've got many comments and messages about how you much like my style/outfits.
That's very cute and it feels good to hear/read all your cute and nice comments!! 
You guys encouraged me to write new entries and to go on! I've never got so many nice and cute comments about myself (my person, my appearance...) There are times I'm just thinking, are so ugly! And such a bit loser! You don't have a special style or something!"

BUT, everytime I read your comments..I totally forget about those thoughts. Guess, I'm not that popular, not that "stylish" and also not that pretty at all! Whatever your comments, opinions make me think about myself kinda hard! They are making me happy, I'm feeling good the way I am. I don't need to be called, "Visu, Gyaru, Emo or whatever!" I don't hate those categories/styles, no no no! I just don't call myself like them. Because I don't live completely one of these lifestyles. Even without..there are people calling me "special, cute, stylish" That brings me to think of kyary pamyu pamyu and why I'm so deep in love with her and her style! She makes her own way of style! She doesn't call herself, gyaru or something. She wears whatever she wants to! I respect her and the way she presents herself! She makes funny and stupid pictures, with and without make up! She writes whatever she's thinking. 
It may sounds kinda naive but I like to compare myself to her. (hope you understand in which way I meant this!) 

Way too much talking! I'm a bit chatty today, I'm sorry!! (; `  ;)

So far!! Now my idea.
It's your turn guys! ;)
I would like to hear/ read your opinions! That means~
You can choose about which topic I'm gonna write in my next entry~!!
For example;
-Outfits / Make Up (you can choose which style I should try!)
-personal things

You can tell me all your wishes/ideas!! I'm open for everything ( ecchi things!! ;) )

Please write a comment with your opinion about this idea, about your wish/idea.
I will choose one of them or the one which were written many many times!
Hope you guys like the idea and you will write some ideas!

Oh! Don't think I've no ideas for new entries, not at all~ There are still things I want to write about.
I just want to give my loyal readers a chance to work with me on a new entry and to make something just for your wishes.
Please write me! I'm listening! (^_-)≡★

Only one more thing!
A big THANKS goes to one of my cute readers! She wrote me a very cute message on twitter ! I'm really happy that I have such cute readers!

 after this comment, I've write a bit with her and she gave me so many compliments...
Thank you SO much!!
(hope it's okay, that I post your message here < 3
censored your picture and name so that nobody will stalk you ;) )

Guys! I'm happy!
Thank you!


  1. I can't believe you don't think you are beautiful!! :o I think your style is awesome! ^^ I think you should have more followers! :)

  2. It's sad that you are not always self-confident, because you are really amazing person, my cutie... my idea to new post? Hm... skin and hair care, what do you think about it? ♡

  3. Don't think you're not pretty cause you are very pretty! You know, just wait and see what things will come on your path, and your self-confi will grow by itself! No worries! And I really like your blog too! You write about interesting stuff that's worth reading :D
    I was wondering if you'd like to try out the Onee-gyaru style? I think it would look good on you!

  4. I think you are super cute and pretty. I like the comparison to Kyary ^o^
    And I know you are super sympathetic 'cause I met you one time ^o^
    I really like your blog!
    ....but I'm always so uncreative when it comes to new ideas for other blog posts....
    I just can say that I personally like to read some personal things to get to know more about a person but always mixed with outfits, makeup and events/meetings (whatever you are doing ^^°)
    Im also highly interested in toutorials. To see how different people are doing makeup or hair!
    I don't like to read reviews of circle lenses or special makeups...
    So you know what kind of posts I like ^^° It's just my personal oppinion!
    ...ich frag mich grad, warum ich in englisch geschrieben habe ~haha

  5. Thank you so much!
    I'm glad that you think about some points and ideas :)

    And thank you for your compliments...I didn't write this entry to become some pity from my readers! Not at all! I just talked about my opions of fashion and I guess it's normal for almost every girl to have this kind of days like~"Oh I'm ugly" or " I feel so ugly today wähhh"~ but anyway~! Thank you <3

    I like Tikus idea! It would be something new to write about my used stuff! :D
    and thank you lau for your opinion! :)I know what you mean about the reviews ;) Frag ich mich bei meinen comments in deinem blog auch oft xD ich weiss nie ob ich englisch oder deutsch schreiben soll x.x

    momo, thank you too! It's a nice idea...I would love to try a style like that! but I have to see if it's possible with my clothes, makeup..I need to study sth about the style! ;)

  6. Don't listen to the haters on the internet! I also love kyary! She is such a big inspiration for me!