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Samstag, 3. November 2012

Halloween 2012♥ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

haiiiiiii guys~!
So one of my favorite days in the year is already sad! I'm talking about; HALLOWEEN~!
I'm in love with this special day since my childhood. Horrormovies, creepy costumes...Not like carnival! Halloween is a creepy day for me...~ So this year was just awesome! Almost perfect!

I went to my freaky nikyami and spent the night there...
-First, we made our awesome bloody shirts (on the following pictures).
-Secondly, we made our awesome hamburgers!! xD Every single time when we spent our time together, we're making hamburgers. And damn! They are always so delicious~ < 3
-Thirdly, it was destiny~! (love the word 8D) Paranormal Activity was on TV! I love the movies...Well the first and the second part. Part 3 & 4 are a bit too much...Creepy but good movies must know their limits! (hope you know what I mean xD) The movie is so creepy..that's a real horror movie. Not like SAW! God damn, I kinda hate saw -___-" It isn't a horror's only blood...blood...blood..and wait..Blood? Real horror movies don't need that much of blood..Well! We watched PA and was scary xD
-Fourthly, the scary part started! xD We wanted to become creepy creatures...Well, my plan was to be a creepy School Girl! :3 (hope I did it the right way)
-Fifthly, after our creepy horror shooting in nikyamis garden...we went inside and make some more pictures, and put all the make up and the clothes off. Pyjama time~! 8D After that we watched sth on the TV and on her PC. Guess..we watched some videos of PewDiePie. (this SO awesome xD)

That was my halloween :3 Kinda relaxing. But in my opinion halloween isn't a day to put cute or stupid clothes on, to go out and drink with all idiots. You can make party every day! And don't forget carnival ;) Some of you may think I'm very lazy or childish..whatever! It's my own opinion! Halloween is a day with a creepy atmosphere. Horror Movies, creepy stories and costumes are just perrfect~! < 3

Now, some creepy pictures of my halloween Outfit! 
(I want to know your opinion about it! ;3)
creepy school girl~
As I said before, the Shirt is selfmade.
The rest of the costume is my school uniform from bodyline
and my kreepsville666 hair asseccories~

I made the whole make up by myself. It was my first try with a creepy look and I was kinda satisfied with it :) what do you think?
Oh! I also used one false eyelash (from Dolly Wink)

with my cute nikyami :3 < 3 
two idiots xD 
it's always so funny with her (^____^)
We are so hot...aren't we? ;D
look at her face!! She was SO damn creepy!! xD
another picture of the whole outfit :)
I don't have the garden pictures yet...(hope nikyami doesn't forget them! >:8 thaha)

As I said before, my Halloween was almost perfect. We had so much fun, and scary moments too.

So guys, how was your halloween~? 
Were you afraid?
Did you have fun??
I really hope so


  1. ohh *_* dein Halloweenoutfit sieht toll aus.
    Schade das man nur einmal im jahr so mega cool aufgemacht rumrennen kann ><

  2. I love halloween too^^
    Your outfit and makeup is awesome!! *O* Great! ^^ You're cute^^

  3. Ich liebe dein Outfit! * _ * especially the make-up!! awesome!!

    hey, since you like japanese stuff and PA movies, why not try out the movie 'noroi'? It scared the shit outta me. also the Korean's have some really awesome horror movies too (same categories as Paranormal Activity)!

  4. Your Halloween outfit is really cute *w* ♥

  5. aaah you look so beutiful and cute :)
    I Love your style c;
    Follow you! ^-^

  6. thank you everybody!! I'm so happy that my outfit is such a big success! (;^ ;) I love you guys <3 looking forward to the next halloween~! >:3

    Luna; omg thank you for following my blog! <3 means a lot to me. *stalking your blog too*