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Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012


haiiiiii guys~
My birthday was very good!
I've enjoyed it and got so many gratulations/wishes ;^;
Btw I don't feel any older~(quite normal I know! xD)

I only want to show you my presents (no! I don't want to show off! It's just that I'm so happy about all my gifts < 3 ) Graaaah~ hope it doesn't sound arrogant~ I hate it when somebody calls me "arrogant"
Back to the main topic! :D

 Finally!! I've got the nintendo 3DS!!
I wanted it for so loooong~
First my dad only wanted to buy 2 DVDs 'cause he wanted to give me more pocket money for the next 3 months. (somehow I wasn't happy about this idea...) So far! Secondly he wanted me to buy it with my birthday money..;^; At least..He bought it for me! With a game! < 3
And the game is pretty awesome! 
Oh and the 2 DVDs...I didn't want them at all xD but well~
it's fine. 
Here is my new friend < 3 
I took the metallic red colour because it's so f**** pretty!!
Black was boring, I don't like white, blue wasn't as pretty as I thought and the last one was the red colour.
Guys..I love it! 
I didn't expect that the 3D effect would be that good! It really works!

My birthday was on saturday.
No school :D
Awwww~my mum made a super delicious lasagna~
selfmade! yes yes! < 3
And! Best of the day!
My best bro ever nikyami (yeah..she's my bro and a girl 8D)
came in the evening < 3 and slept here too ~
OMG She gave me the cuttest presents ! 
 Stuffed Wolf! Name is "Mausi chan". Nikyami has a lovely cat with this name!
Okay...she has 3 cats, Blue, Mausi and Mietzi (richteg esou? xD)
I love mausi~ < 3 she's so cute < 3
Mikado and Toffifee = Winterspeck 8D
AND a selfmade phone case!!
 She made it by herself with Fimo and silicone. 
I only told her that I love gloomy bear and bäm!!
I love the design of my new case  < 3
Thank you very much!! 

We watched "High Kick Girl" hahaha very stupid movie...It looked kinda nice at the beginning but after some minutes it went..crazy xD at least we laughed a lot ~ XD
After the bad movie, came the good one. She has never seen "Sweeney Todd" before! Ahhh~I love the movie and the songs..and the story is so sad..Tim genius! 
We had so much fun together :)
On sunday was the family dinner~ Selfmade cookies, mousse au chocolat pie. Holy mother so delicious! 

I had a great weekend, thanks to my family, nikyami and all my other friends :3
I prefer to enjoy my day with one close friend than making party with 100 idiots.
If you know what I mean 8D 

Outfit ~
lazy/boring but I like it

hahah my face is like "emotion? What kind of pokemon is that?"
I like to make this kind of hairstyle :3 

Enough for today!