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Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Holidays~!/Xanadu ♥

haiiiii guys~!!
Just a short entry~!
Holy holidays, here they are! 3 Weeks to relax, meet friends, enjoy the life without studying~
ahhh I really need it! Everything is going well right now...< 3 and guys...I know it's not spring..but well I have these *dokidoki* feelings already for someone~ lalalala~ never mind!

Ahhhh back to the topic. I'm not going to write very much today because I'm a bit lazy aaaand tired!
Did anybody of you guys watched the new "Silent Hill" movie already?? :o
I wanna go to the cinema tomorrow with my sweetie pie nikyami and we want to see it...hope it's a good one.

Today my pre-order from the GFC arrived 8D !!!
ScReW merch < 3 
 I'm in love with the shirt design!! < 3
Skulls ftw!
Somehow ScReW is a bit strange by making their clothes..
It's L and looks like M.
My tank top of their EU tour is M and looks/feels like S! xD
but both fits very well so it's okay.
 Look at this cute scrunchy!
It's the one from ジン < 3
The colours are a bit crazy xD and not as "perfect" as the colour combinations of the scrunchies from the other members..
BUT! I like it! It's cute and I'm sure jin made it with lot of fantasy!
I like the crazy colours < 3 
*well I'm very objective yes yes*

For you to see~
Here are the other scrunchies :3
Kazuki, Jin, Byou, Rui, Manabu
at least..jin-san's isn't as boring as the one from kazuki oô
Gomen, Kazuki Fans!! (>x <;)
don't hit me~!

aaaand finally, I've used my webcam again! 


  1. Oh, you are so lucky*.* I really want to buy Rui's scrunchie, but I am not a GFC memberT_T

    1. Ohhh damn :/
      Well I'm a member since almost a year I guess..It's nice and sometimes you can win or get some very nice merch! But it's also kinda expensive ;^;