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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Outfits U。・ェ・。U

haiiiii guys~!!
Gahh~ school is very stressful at the moment. I can't update my blog that often. So sorry~!
But I read your ideas so far and I kinda like them! :) I'm gonna make one big entry about all the ideas or for each idea a new one. Skin and Hair Care, Outift and personal things. One problem is the onee gyaru style..I really want to try it! But I need some more make up skills and the right clothes. Anyways, thank you for the ideas!! :D

Today, I'm only gonna post some pictures. I don't have the time to write something very interesting or important! Sorry! Good news, holidays are near~!! < 3

OHHHH! Btw! My birthday is soon!! 

It's on the 8th of December!
Next saturday~haach I'm getting old~

Pictures :D
First of all~! This Outfit. I love to wear my school uniform skirt from Bodyline and to combine it with other clothes~ < 3 As you can see in the next pictures :Dv
-Top; SexPotRevenge designed by kyan
-Hairpins; kreepsville666
-boots; unknown
-TwinTailWig; Navana Wig

A classmate called this outfit; Rebellious SchoolGirl
Haha~ I like it xDSo the name of this outfit is;
-Rebellious School Girl~!
 On this hairstyle, I've only used one of the twintails.
But it looks also kinda good, doesn't it?
Here you can see my navana ponytail wig :3 

Oh how much I love this outfit! (AM I wearing always the same??'s winter so it's possible..)
-Top; GladNews
-Skirt/Boots; unknown

 -Tights & Knee Socks; H&M

I'm so glad that I've bought the Top from GladNews. I'm in love with it...;^; 
Gahhh, I need to buy some more GladNews clothes I have time to save money until summer xD"
www~ silly picture with a heart in thaaaa face~

It's almost the same outfit. Only combine it with my bodyline skirt and grey socks 8D
OH! Wait!
I've tried a new hairstyle too!

just like her.
I saw this kind of hairstyle so many times!
It looks cute and it's very easy to make! ;)

Your opinions, thoughts and well...everything you want to ask or to say~
Do it ~!
Oh, and YES I'm wearing all these Outfits also for school ;)
I don't make myself pretty just for staying at home.



  1. I looove your outfits <3
    I also wear the same garments very often, but in another coordinate!!!
    yeah, you have Kyan Yutakas design T-shirt ~haha my best friend owns the white one! I love the print ^^
    And I love your hairstyes, especially the last one, super cute >.<
    weiter so <3 haha~

  2. lau;
    danke :D haha <3
    I love the print too <3 I wanted this Tshirt so badly~! And I took my chance in japan >:D

    thank you :3 <3