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Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

XMas Pictures/Outfits aaand cute present~

haiiiiiii guys~!
Hope you had a lovely and peacefully christmas and enjoyed your time with your family, friends or partners! (^__^) I had a nice Christmas and want to show you some of my pictures. (where you can see my outfit & make up~! )
Nothing very special but I like it...and you maybe too! 8D

Oh btw...kyahh~ I'm gonna book the flight to Tokyo tomorrow! I'll be there again in summer with two lovely friends! < 3 Ahhw I'm so happy even if my brain didn't realize it now...haha

I didn't wear anything special for XMas Eve~ I've just used some make up on my face ~
 my hair looks perfect here~ < 3 somehow < 3 
but my bangs are a way too long right now .___."
 ahhh~ you can finally see my pink circle lenses~!!
well...the colour is a bit different/better! Damn you instagram hahaha

what I've got;
-Assassin's Creed 3 *^*
-money for my flight to Tokyo!! 

So far, I had lunch with my family on the 25th. Well...'family lunch'
Only with my parents and my grandparents, but it was nice and funny! :)

 my hairstyle ~!
I used;
-my navana ponytail (bought at Shibuya109)
-my cute hair accessory from 6%dokidoki. (bought at the Japan Expo)
 sorry for the bad quality of the picture...
-skirt; Glavil
-Jumper; Esprit
-tights; C&A
-shoes; bodyline
-ponytail wig; navana
-hair accessory; 6%dokidoki

2 pictures out of nowhere~

Oh, I've tried something new with my ponytail hahah

Now two other outfits (:
I'm very sorry for my bad pictures! >____<

I've mixed up Glavil with CO&LU~
don't hit me! Dx
-shirt; CO&LU
-skirt; glavil
-knee sock; H&M
-shoes from NoFall
-necklace; glavil
-hat; CO&LU
I think it's a nice looking outfit..even if the shirt makes me look so fat ;^;
don't force a looks stupid ;) derp~!
show your real smiling face and be proud to show your emotions~!

My outfit for the cinema :3
I went there with my bro nikyami.. We watched the new "Silent Hill"..Well it was okay..but I wouldn't call it "horror movie" I don't know :/
nikyami was fangirling like an idiot! xD
"OMG it's just the same as in the game!"
I was just like "he?"
I didn't play or see the game so...xD"
aww, you can see my new cat hat!
I've found it at C&A and it was really cheap!! Only 7€!! :O
I love it, it's so cute~! 

At least I want to show you something super cute! :3
I've got a late birthday present from a very close friend from Japan. 
It's so cute! I love it and wear it almost every day since I've got it!
-Hello Kitty Stomach Warmer
-Hello Kitty x Chopper socks
Nao ♥



  1. You're outfits are great^^ BTW, merry late x-mas and have a nice trip in Tokyo^^

  2. So cute phone case! Ah, and I love your outfits as well! Can you tell me how you properly put your bangs under your hat because I always fail to do so D:

    Happy New Year! <33

    1. Thank you, my friend nikyami made the phone case for me all by herself! :3's nothing special, if I know that I'll take my hat of I'm using hair spins to put my bangs back. Otherwise I'm using this..thing xD
      I'm not sure if you can see it clearly..It's some japanese hair stuff, it holds your hair back and it works very well! :)

      Happy New Year! <3

    2. Ahh, how some people are so creative! Very nice!
      Hihi that's a real funny thing >w< I love my bangs but sometime they're like UGHH

  3. You look super cute in all the outfits *v* ♥♥ the presents are sooo cute!

  4. you looks so cute, i like your style (^з^)-☆Chu!!

  5. wie kann man nur so süß sein >< ~♥