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Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Idols and IceWatch!//japanese concert in Luxembourg~!

haiiiiii guys~!
how are you??
I'm super fine! I'm very happy at the moment and my life goes pretty well :)

I received a very good mark on my english oral test! (^_____^)v The german oral test was today and it went pretty well too! muhaha~ good girl ania prepares herself for the language exams.

Ohhh and I've got my training place for this school year. I'm gonna work for some month at a nursing home. No kids but old people. I'm looking forward to my training (:

Today I'm gonna show you two things.
First, a little change at my blog design. Nothing very special or big~ but it's an important part of myself and my life :3
Please take a look at this tiny side and see my beloved  inspirations :) 
I also put the blog link to each of my idol.

My dad had a big surprise for me! *_* 
Look at this pretty ICEWATCH~! < 3
My dad bought it for me.
I've never have a watch before ;^; 
That's why he bought me this one..with the japanese flag on it..of course! 8D
It's so pretty! < 3 

Thank you so much dad! 

and finally, three pictures of rukipe~ 
 can you see my pink circle lenses?? < 3
I love them ~
 aaaaand first time I've tried another hairstyle...
I guess I've failed ¦D"
I wore my seifuku again that day x)
I'm in love with my cute seifuku~ mauuu

Wonder ohhh wonder!
There is going to be a japanese concert here in Luxembourg!!
Damdamdaaaaam! I was kinda shocked when I heard it from darkyberrish! o_O
Gunji (the Fool) will come with Adapter! not bad at all I guess!
I'm going to the concert with nikyami and darkyberrish (^____~)
It will be funny, I'm sure!! xD

Sorry for the very short update~! 
I will make a bigger one the next time.

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Cute Present from a cutie~ ♥

haiiiii guys~!
I'm sick at the moment and I have to stay at home for the next two days ;^; least no school for me ~
Good or bad?? Hm...I kinda like going to the school .___."
But I don't like this F**** cold weather!

I want to show you a birthday present from a very cute friend! My birthday was in december BUT the package arrived that late! She was so sorry about it. She gave it to me a week ago and it's super cute!!

 I've got a pretty cute beauty set haha~
I've tried the hair mask last weekend and it's awesome!!
My hair is so soft and fluffy after using it!!
And it smells very good. < 3

Ahhhww and there is a CD within the liquid eyeliner! *___*
Everything is so shiny!!

Thank you so much my cutie!

picture of
darky berryish and myself :3 
she's o cute and funny.
I also like to talk to her about serious stuff :)
Thank you for everything!


Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Pokemon X and Y~!!

haiiiiii guys!
Good news for all the proud pokemon fans outside there!
They announced a new game for october!!

Did you see this f***** video??
Everything seems to be NEW. The old touch of Pokemon seems to disappear...but looks awesome, doesn't it?? ♥ I want this game!

Here are the starters :3 


I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna chose Fennekin xD
Look at this cute little fennec!! ♥
Fire is still the best haha~

Both legendary pokemon are looking great *^*
Not sure which version I should take...!

Do you guys like Pokemon??
Are you happy about the news??
Do you like the trailer or do you thing the new style of Pokemon is just stupid??


Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

New Year's Eve // Tokyo 2013 ♥

haiiiii guys~!!
Hope you enjoyed the beginning of the new year!
I totally did. Here is a short report about my new year's eve at nikyami's place :3

We prepared everything! Went shopping for the dinner, prepared the table, made the dinner.
nikyami invited another friend and me. Her littlte brother has also invited a few boys. (no! they were underaged way xD") Well, we had too much food..that was very sad 'cause it was delicious *__* I ate so much! After dinner, we cleaned up the dinner table aaaaaaand yes...the highlight started~
We've played Just Dance 4! First I wasn't sure if it would work well..and my motivation wasn't high..but..we did it! xD Hell this game is so funny! The dances are kinda crazy and some of them are very difficult Oo haha
nikyami and I played the dirty dancing 8D so funny! xD I was the guy..damn he moved so gay! xD

The little boys didn't want to dance!
After they drank a bit later in the night they've tried it.
Pff..silly guys..

Ohhhhh then we ate our desserts...Saddest part of the evening..I was too full to eat it!! ;^; 

Half an hour before midnight some other friends from nikyami arrived and enjoyed time with us :D
It was really funny! Just Dance again.
I have to show you my favorite! I've tried the dance four times (?) with nikyami! xD
I don't like Skrillex at all! But after we danced a few times to this dance..I like the song~hhaha
The guy and his moive reminds me of Tobi (Naruto) look at the moves! I'm sure they took Tobi as an example 8D

Well, the countdown started. We went outside where her brother and his friends made firework :3
The only picture I took that night.
No outfit or make up pictures! I'm very sorry but we had so much to do and so much fun that we didn't think about making funny pictures! haha

We watched The Avangers after the fireworks, played Just Dance again and go to bed. At 5 AM was sleeping time~! Finally haha

Result; my new year's eve was amazing! I was so happy that nikyami invited me. We had fun, had delicious food and cool moments < 3
Thank you darling!! ♥

Well..I had a big headache when I woke up xD But I regret nothing~

OH !

We've booked our flight to TOKYO! ( *_____ * )
I am so happy!!
I'll be there at the 25th of july until the 20th of august! Almost a month :3
kyahhh~ Can't wait to be there again! ♥ Feel the heat...hear the cicadas...see all the fashionable people...go shopping at Shibuya109 again! haha Oh damn! And make funny puris with my two girls :D
I want to have summer already!!! ((o( > A < )o))