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Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Cute Present from a cutie~ ♥

haiiiii guys~!
I'm sick at the moment and I have to stay at home for the next two days ;^; least no school for me ~
Good or bad?? Hm...I kinda like going to the school .___."
But I don't like this F**** cold weather!

I want to show you a birthday present from a very cute friend! My birthday was in december BUT the package arrived that late! She was so sorry about it. She gave it to me a week ago and it's super cute!!

 I've got a pretty cute beauty set haha~
I've tried the hair mask last weekend and it's awesome!!
My hair is so soft and fluffy after using it!!
And it smells very good. < 3

Ahhhww and there is a CD within the liquid eyeliner! *___*
Everything is so shiny!!

Thank you so much my cutie!

picture of
darky berryish and myself :3 
she's o cute and funny.
I also like to talk to her about serious stuff :)
Thank you for everything!



  1. You received a lovely present *_*

  2. Sorry !!!I'm late !!!
    Oh thanks so much T^T I LOVE YOU !!!
    I am so happy that you like my present !!! *Q*
    You are always welcome!!! And get well soon ! <3

  3. Such cute presents. You girls are lovely!