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Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Idols and IceWatch!//japanese concert in Luxembourg~!

haiiiiii guys~!
how are you??
I'm super fine! I'm very happy at the moment and my life goes pretty well :)

I received a very good mark on my english oral test! (^_____^)v The german oral test was today and it went pretty well too! muhaha~ good girl ania prepares herself for the language exams.

Ohhh and I've got my training place for this school year. I'm gonna work for some month at a nursing home. No kids but old people. I'm looking forward to my training (:

Today I'm gonna show you two things.
First, a little change at my blog design. Nothing very special or big~ but it's an important part of myself and my life :3
Please take a look at this tiny side and see my beloved  inspirations :) 
I also put the blog link to each of my idol.

My dad had a big surprise for me! *_* 
Look at this pretty ICEWATCH~! < 3
My dad bought it for me.
I've never have a watch before ;^; 
That's why he bought me this one..with the japanese flag on it..of course! 8D
It's so pretty! < 3 

Thank you so much dad! 

and finally, three pictures of rukipe~ 
 can you see my pink circle lenses?? < 3
I love them ~
 aaaaand first time I've tried another hairstyle...
I guess I've failed ¦D"
I wore my seifuku again that day x)
I'm in love with my cute seifuku~ mauuu

Wonder ohhh wonder!
There is going to be a japanese concert here in Luxembourg!!
Damdamdaaaaam! I was kinda shocked when I heard it from darkyberrish! o_O
Gunji (the Fool) will come with Adapter! not bad at all I guess!
I'm going to the concert with nikyami and darkyberrish (^____~)
It will be funny, I'm sure!! xD

Sorry for the very short update~! 
I will make a bigger one the next time.


  1. You're always soooo cute ♥ the pink lenses suit you so well *v*!

  2. Antworten
    1. thank you! :D
      feels good to hear that x)

  3. Congratulation :3 I'll soon have english exams. I'm scared ;_;
    Your icewatch are sooooo preeeetty <333
    Where did you get these great pink circle lens? So cute *u*

    1. Thanks :)
      Ohh I good luck! <3
      I've ordered them at uniqso :)
      These are my lenses :3

  4. Hey cutie ^^
    I've nominated you for a blog award, check out my
    latest post and you'll see what is xxx<3

  5. Hey dear cutie, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, please have a look on my last entry and write to me if you like to join: