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Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Pokemon X and Y~!!

haiiiiii guys!
Good news for all the proud pokemon fans outside there!
They announced a new game for october!!

Did you see this f***** video??
Everything seems to be NEW. The old touch of Pokemon seems to disappear...but looks awesome, doesn't it?? ♥ I want this game!

Here are the starters :3 


I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna chose Fennekin xD
Look at this cute little fennec!! ♥
Fire is still the best haha~

Both legendary pokemon are looking great *^*
Not sure which version I should take...!

Do you guys like Pokemon??
Are you happy about the news??
Do you like the trailer or do you thing the new style of Pokemon is just stupid??



  1. I think the character design is beautiful, especialy the legendary pokemon ^^ i've never really played pokemon but really like the serie when i was young ;)

    1. Ohh you have to try a game by chance ;)
      It's lovely, I'm a fan of the games since many years <3

  2. OH my HOLY Doong! *_* That's amazing!! osm!!
    I'm into fire pkm too ^^~ So it's clear: I would chose Fennekin~♥
    And I'm so in love with the deer-X-pkm :D I want the X version!! TT TT Now~ can't wait for October anymore, keke

    1. Yeah Fennekin looks so cute! *^*
      Gahh..I don't want to wait until october ;^; it's so hard~ damn!
      the deer-x-pkm looks amazin...but I like the bird-y too >_<

  3. Thank you for the great news <3 <3 <3
    I'm suuuper fan of Pokémon.
    I'm sure a lot of people will complain about the drastic change of the look and the typical touch of the games, but I'm open for everything new ^o^
    I guess I have to buy a 3DS after all ^^°....
    Now I know my birthday present for this year ~haha
    bye bye <3

    1. you're welcome hahah~ ;)
      Yeah that's right, I totally agree! I'm open for a new style too :3
      It would be a bit awkward if the games would stay the same just as 10 years ago! xD It's time for a change!

      I'm pretty sure you will get the pink 3DS x) <3

  4. *-* I really like the legendary Pokémon, they look very nice! And if I buy X or Y I'm so gonna choose Fennekin>w< I think these two might be better than black and white, I was a bit disappointed with those:/ Good thing I got 3DS!^^ (because of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS xD)

    1. Yeah they look awesome <3 uhaa, which one to choose??! xD
      Hm well, black and white wasn't so good~ I prefer black2 and white 2...even if the title isn't that amazin xD"

  5. I'm so excited about them *___* I hope to get it and also the new 3ds to play with it eheh ♥

    1. Me too < 3
      I'm glad I've got my 3ds already for my birthday >o<

  6. Ich bin auch total gespannt und würde es gerne haben, habe aber kein 3DS, und ich frage mich ob ich mir wirklich eine zulege nur für Pokemon dann :/ :( :( Dafür zock ich erstmal Pokemon Blau aufn Handy XDDDD

    1. thahah ja wenn du nur wegen dem Pokemon Spiel einen 3DS kaufst..das wäre etwas verschwenderisch..xD Gibt es sonst keine Spiele die dich interessieren? D: