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Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

First Japanese Test~!

haiiii guys~!!
I'm sorry for the raw updates...I'm sick since a week now and not motivated to write something.
I don't even have something to write about xD" Only about my illness but that's horrible and boring.
Btw, a precious friend of mine is working on a new blog layout for me :3 I'm not good at things like that and she's very talented! (*A*) So stay tuned for a little change here ;)

But one good thing happened the last week. I went to the japanese classes and I've got my test back!
My very first test and well..I'm a bit proud you know..?
The mark isn't sooooo good but for my first test it's pretty nice! And I've made only some stupid mistakes at the sentences -_____-" I could beat myself for those stupid mistakes...really!
At least my hirgana and katakana are perfect~
And the few kanjis we've learned too.

Can't wait to learn more.



  1. こんばんは~日本語お勉強するがんばってくださいww
    Your Hiragana and Katakana writing looks great! I always forget the Katakana haha For me they all look similar (T T)
    I also follow you on instagram as you might know haha love your pictures <3

    I made a new Blog-post about my last Japan trip and a make up Tutorial!If you want/have time, please check it out and write a comment, I would be happy!:)

    Have a nice day!

  2. はい、そうです。私は日本語が話せます。
    Thank you very much *^* I'm always happy to recieve a comment or like from you <3 haha it's kinda a honor for me(✪㉨✪)
    Ohh yeah! Some of them really look quite the same...but we will try our best haha!

    ahw! I have to read it <3 thanks for telling me :D

  3. D: your japanese handwriting is really pretty. Like, mine sucks, and yours is so pretty. It's not fair!
    Congrats on the good results! 日本語ファイトー!