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Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert in Brussels 9.2.!!~

haaaaaiii guys!!
I am soooo tired but happy at the same time!
I saw kyary again!!! kyaaaaaah !!
Let's start!
My weekend started on friday. I went to nikyami's place. We made some popin cookin~ (the Burger set wasn't delicious at all! xD I will write about it in another entry :3)
After a short night, we took the train to Brussels with a friend from nikyami :3 She is very nice and I'm glad that my bro has so many nice friends! :D
We arrived at noon and met another of her friends. Also a very nice and funny one! *phew* She has an own appartment in Brussels so we were able to stay there over night! I'm so thankful! < 3
Time to make us ready for the concert! < 3 We have made a partnerlook but sadly...I don't have the pictures yet because her friend took them with her camera (> x < ) I am sorry!
well I could show you 2 of the pictures...with a bad quality..You will see why ;)
 I've made pictures of the camera pictures...8D
The real ones will come in a later entry! Promise! (: 
Isn't my bro a real beauty?? < 3 
She got some eyemazing lashes from me and she looked so good with them!! *_*

The four of us went to a tiny restaurant~ After lunch we went to a shopping trip...Well xD The friends from nikyami went shopping..We didn't want to spend money there :x
And we didn't have that much time because the doors for the concert would open at 5pm! Quite early! But a nice thing.

We said baibai to the shopping friends and went all alone to the concert.
To find the fucking street was horrible xDD 
We are so bad at reading's a shame! 
nikyami asked an old man for the way...and yeay, we found it! :D
Oh before a guy stalked us O_O
It was pretty creepy...
I wore my tutuanna tights with the hearts and a black miniskirt (with underpants!)
and he was like "It's cold he??;D "
After a few minutes he came back...came after us and said "Hey~ hey~ hey ;D"
We saw him for a third time but then he disappeared.

So far! We arrived at the vk concerts and WOW.
I was totally surprised of the people there...
There were around 50 people already there and 38 of them were japanese! xD
SO HAPPY! hahah
There were japanese families, little girls with their parents and a baby!
Holy~ never thought of that! o_o
But it was nice! And japanese camera teams everywhere! So we've got filmed :Dv
They asked us also to scream "KYARY PAMYU PAMYU" in the camera...a guy who wasn't there for the concert but for a tiny shop (next to the hall) screamed so loud! xD He didn't even know kyary...
He talked a bit to us~ very flirty guy..eieieiei but he was very nice, so we didn't ignored him :) 

GOD nikyami was so excited ! xD
She asked every minute, WHEN DOES THE DOOR OPEN!!??
UHA! xD so funny~
Oh btw, we saw a very pretty and hot gyaru there too :O
I've seen so many surprises there...hahah 

The doors opened!

First step; MERCHANDISE!!
nikyami bought the pink dino shirt which I've already and I bought the dino sweater which I always wanted *__* And guys..we were one of the first customers..but they already only had L!!! xD
They had tour shirts, shirts, sweater, dvd's, stickers, books and the pamyurin usagi < 3 
but no Cds :O
Well, we've got our merch and went to the wardrobe to give them our jackets etc :3 
Good idea to do so!! 

Quickly went to a place and waited for kyary < 3 
We were standing there :3 Quite in the front or middle...? xD
I don't know but we were surrounded by japanese! Best thing because they know how to behave!
Well..the japanese guys behind us...smelled like alcohol. I guess they drank a beer before the concert. At least they were only happy and not stupid or something and OMG they are so much in love with kyary! xD
Haha a cute thing was, an european girl screamed "KYARY CHAN, AISHITERU~"! and the boys behind us were like "OHHHH? EHHH?!! HAHAH REALLY?!" they laughed so cute xD

God waiting time...
I was so excited to see my idol again! 
and then...they showed a tiny video of her. (there were 3 breaks, and they showed everytime a video. No mvs but so cute, interesting and funny videos about kyary and her life :) very good idea!)
it was the same as the concert at the Japan Expo..OMG!
She came out with her cute dancers!
I was like
She was so super cute and beautiful!! 
I adore her < 3 
The way she acts on stage is just the best!

She showed us some dance as she did at the Japan Expo :) 
So I knew them already muhaha~
She talked to the fans a bit, was very thankful and funny! Her smile is the best < 3 
And she played a brandnew song! It's called "Ninjari Bang Bang" It's awesome! 
Of course nikyami and myself were dancing like crazy! We had so much fun! xD
ahhhh I want to turn back the time ;^; 
We moved to each song! even to "oyasumi" which is very slow...(yeah we didn't dance to this song like idiots but also quite slowly ;) ) 

Time for the setlist;
-Candy Candy
-Ninjari Bang Bang


She made "tsukema tsukeru" as the last song ;^; 
It was so sad to say "baibai" to her meeeehhh~

The concert was legendary.
We had so much fun, there were only nice fans/people and kyary is just the best < 3 
She always makes me happy when I am sad, it feels so good to listen to her songs. 
The concert took almost two hours. 
We were very happy to see her live :) 
I've enjoyed my time with nikyami a lot! 
kyary also told us some things about her birthday (before she sang "furisodeshon")
It was her 20th birthday and that's pretty special in Japan (: 
"Coming of Age Day/seijin no hi "
She was so proud to tell us about it! < 3

Some concert pics...~

She changed her outfit four times :)

Merch :3

Now here are my two dino tops! :D
nikyami bought the pink one too :3
Partnerlook again muhaha

Picture was taken 2 hours before the concert :)
love ya bro < 3 
sankyuu for the great weekend~!
That's all for it now guys :)

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