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Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Off to Brussels&pictures/outfits~

haiiii guys~
how are you?
Sorry for the long waiting time! School was pretty stressful the last weeks and I was sick so..gomen m(v___v)m But it's time for a short update! :D

As you guys know I'm going to the kyary pamyu pamyu concert in Brussels this weekend...On this staturday! I can't believe it! Time flies quite fast! Omg..I'm going to see her again ;^; I am so happy! sorry if I have to repeat myself (> x <)

My plan!
Tomorrow is school BUT carneval is near muhahaha So most people in my class/school will dress up tomorrow :D I will wear my seifuku...of course!

After school I'll drive with my bro nikyami at my place to pack my bag! haha
aaaaand the first awesome party can start! 8D Going to her place and have FUN~
Taking the train on saturday morning and prepare for the first concert of the year 2013! 
The first concert which I'm gonna visit with my best bro < 3 and it's kyary!! Best start ever xD

We gonna make party hard at the concert! We are so excited omg!
Best thing, a friend of nikyami is living in Brussels and she knows the way to the concert...So after the concert we can sleep at her place. It's so nice :3 We will take the train back on sunday~ 

Here is my outfit for the concert :3
All the things I'm gonna wear on saturday...without the circle lenses, eyelashes and makeup xD
I hope it's not too cold on saturday~
Oh yeah!

My order from Minkyshop arrived two weeks ago! 
I've ordered the 25th of november..Hell yes. It took soooo long to get the two cat jumpers!
I was very pissed! So was nikyami..
minky gave us one jumper for free and free EMS because of the long waiting time.
Kinda nice! :3 I'll make a little review about it later (ohhh I need some more time~)

Now it's time for new pictures! :D 
Well some of them were make a while ago..but I look still the whatever xD"

Outfit and make up for my mother birthday party :3 
-Top, skirt and necklace; GLAVIL
-hairband; coffincandy 
-socks; H&M
-PonytailWig; NavanaWig
-shoes; nofall (or sth like that xD)

 I've changed my clothes later...more comfortable~ < 3
I'm in love with the glavil shirt < 3 

Outfit for the japanese restaurant the last sunday.
 -Top; Minkyshop
I love it < 3
and I'm wearing my navana wig again :D I use it pretty often..:)
 pikachu phone case :3
< 3

hahah I have to wear this cute outfit again! xD
the monkey shirt is so cute haha
chicken in my faaaaace~!!

Time for silly pictures!
 my cute dog~
Fable < 3 

 my stupid face! :O

 older picture...a little blush in the face~ 
hahah kira kira power~!!
that happens when you have nothing to do after an english test...

derp time with my bro ( >3< )

And I've made this little pretty collage..< 3
it's my new deskop background haha

love ya bro < 3 

So far!
Time to say goodbye~ 
No time to update my blog until I'm back from Brussels.
Have a nice weekend dear readers!



  1. I hope you'll have a lot of fun *____* I'm really happy for you ♥ Kyary is soooo cute and her songs so funny!

  2. I wish you fun <3 You're so cute *u*